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Kept by Seduction by Cheyenne McCray
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Aug 07, 2012

really liked it
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Read in July, 2012

3.5 stars

Awai Steele escaped from an abusive marriage to become a successful business woman during the day and a leather wearing, whip cracking Dominatrix at night. For the past 3 years on the same day, one of her nieces has gone missing without a trace. This year Awai thinks she's prepared, whip in hand, for what's coming her way but she never expected the King of Clubs. Ty is ready to make Awai his queen, something that requires her complete submission. Sexually, Awai enjoys this but she'll need to give more than just her body and Ty plans to do whatever it takes to help heal her heart and make her his forever.

Once married to an abusive man, Awai has developed a tough business reputation and has absolute control in her role as a Dom. Like his brothers, Ty is a caring ruler but expects complete submission from his subjects. It's more than a power struggle between these two. Ty gives the decision to submit to Awai, earning her trust and helps her heal the wounds her ex-husband left. The relationship between Ty and Awai is very hot and I was happy their chemistry went beyond the bedroom (or sex dungeon). They're both determined, strong minded characters who know exactly what they want and they made a solid pair.

The final book in the Wonderland series wraps up the story that started in book one. Ty's sister placed a curse on the women in his and his brothers' kingdoms so they couldn't conceive and their populations were dwindling. I wouldn't call the final confrontation between the 4 brothers and their sister explosive or anything like that but there's a twist that made me think this isn't the last we'll see of the magical land of Tarok. This was a quick, sexy read that delivers pretty much every it promises in the synopsis. I'd recommend this to readers of erotica paranormal romance who don't mind BDSM elements.
- Stephanie

The final installment of Jaymie Holland's Wonderland series. Ty the youngest brother, the king of club's time has come and he must chose a card and pick his mate. Once he sees Awai he knows its going to be tough but he will gain her trust and get her to submit to him. Because at fist glance he knew he couldn't live with put this woman.

Awai is ready for him when he comes for her. Her nieces all left without a trace a year apart from each other, The last being one year ago exactly .. She knew he would come for her and come he did. Even though he could just whisk her away with out her permission he asked her to come with him. His words, his body and his lips all promised her safety, love, great sex and domination. She was not sure, no matter how badly she wanted him if she was capable of fully trusting any one enough to fully submit to them.

The book was a short sweet sexy read. I'm not a big fan of BDSM but I enjoy Jaymie Hollands writeing style. I enjoy the trust these woman give these men and how they revial in the love the men give back. I enjoyed the little humor that's thrown in there. It was good for a wraped up story, I feel they closed the story out nicely. She left a little room if she wanted to do a spin off on another tale, she could but the story is good were it stands. I have no need to know more. The book was a quick fun read. There is a few times were I was like ok already punish her and move on, I was impatient with the story and wanted it to speed up some. But over all I enoyed the read.
- Athenna

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