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Awry by Chelsea Fine
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Jan 21, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on June 15, 2012

Scarlet Jacobs is cursed to live a short life and be "reborn" some time later. When Scarlet dies and then reawakens to the life she was just in, she knows the curse is changing. Along with her band of immortal friends and her mortal best friend, they must race to find the fountain of youth before she dies again.

Oh my, Chelsea Fine can you do no wrong?

This book was fantastic. The first one was wonderful, but this was so much more wonderful. I loved the flashbacks, I loved being able to see why Scarlet was engaged to Gabriel when it was so obvious she loved Tristan. I adored her and Tristan's courtship, it was just so very much like them.

I loved Heather before, I adore her now. I want a Heather of my own. Nate really opens up in this book and is just the funniest geek ever. I like that Gabriel and Scarlet work through their relationship, but I can't help but feel sorry for him. I would love to see him and Heather get together at some point.

The plot really opens up and thickens as things go on. Mr. Brooks' part in things was unsettling but at the same time, I think it was fine since he is so much of a hermit and you find that he is involved in his own way.

Overall this book was fantastic. I was dreading the ending, knowing this couldn't be the end of the story. I am just thankful that the cliffhanger isn't as horrible and heartwrenching as it was in Anew. Fantastic novel, fantastic series. I eagerly await more.
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Chelsea Fine
“Okay.” Nate took a deep breath. “Now that we’re all caught up on the new no-no’s of the house, what do you say we find a tarp and some duct tape and MacGyver ourselves a new window in the living room? Just, you know, to keep out the wind…and the leaves…and any sharp-toothed woodland creatures prone to attacking people in their sleep.”
Tristan raised a brow.
“What?” Nate shrugged. “Death by dragon? Awesome. Death by rabid forest squirrel? Not cool, man. Not cool.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“No, I’m surprised he didn’t say goodbye.”
“Well, of course he didn’t say goodbye.” Heather put down her mug. “You would have convinced him to stay.”
“That’s not true.”
“Oh, please.” Heather rolled her eyes. “You would have been like Oh, Tristan, please don’t go. Stay with me so I can crush on you and giggle at everything you say.” Heather nodded. “That’s what it would have been like. In that high-pitched voice and everything.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“Does this mean I get to be part of the team?” She clapped her hands again.
“Yes,” Nate said.
“No,” Gabriel said at the same time.
“Duuuude,” Nate said to Gabriel between his teeth. “I really want to talk to this Mr. Brooks guy.”
“Fine.” Gabriel sighed. “Let her help. I don’t care. But if you die,” Gabriel pointed at Heather, “or get cursed or something, that’s your fault.”
Heather nodded merrily, still clapping. “Yay, I’m part of the team.”
“We’re not a team,” Gabriel said through gritted teeth.
Heather ignored him and looked at Nate. “I think we need a team name.”
“Ooh! Good idea.” Nate pointed a finger into the air. “How about Team Awesome?”
Heather wrinkled her nose. “Too vague. Team Super Secret Fountain Seekers?”
“Too specific.” Nate shook his head. “Team Ash Guy Hunters?”
“Ashman.” Heather shook her head. “Too hard to say.”
Nate scoffed. “And ‘Super Secret Fountain Seekers’ is easy to say?”
Gabriel huffed and started walking toward the door. “You guys can stay here and pick a name and a Team Captain or whatever, but I’m going to find Mr. Brooks.” He opened the door to leave, night falling on the forest around them.
Heather said, “Mr. Brooks doesn’t open his door when it’s dark outside.” She shrugged. “So we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow after school.”
Frustrated, Gabriel closed the cabin door on the setting sun. “Tomorrow then.”
“Perfect.” Nate nodded, shifting his eyes from Scarlet, to Gabriel, and then to Heather.
A moment passed.
“I call dibs on Team Captain,” Nate said.
Gabriel rolled his eyes.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“I hear you’re single now.” Aaron gave a white-toothed smile and tossed his hair.
“Where did you hear that?” Scarlet cocked her head, hoping to find the leak.
He pulled his stool over and sat down. “A little bird told me.”
Why did people use that saying? Little birds didn’t talk. They chirped. And, unless Aaron spoke bird, he certainly wasn’t deciphering any bird chirpings.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“Nate called out, “Team Meeting!” and pointed a finger in the air.
When he had everyone’s attention, Nate cleared his throat. “There are a few Team Awesome things we need to discuss.”
Tristan leaned over to Gabriel. “What’s Team Awesome?”
“It’s our team name,” Heather smiled.
“We’re not a team,” Gabriel said.
“We are a team,” Nate corrected. “We’re Team Awesome and I’m team captain.” He looked at Tristan. “You can call me Captain. Or Captain America, if you’d like. I’m even willing to settle for Captain Jack.”
Tristan crossed his arms. “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”
Heather’s eyes lit up. “Ooh! Can we choose code names? Can I be Catwoman?”
“We’re not choosing code names.” Gabriel looked incredibly annoyed and Tristan almost smiled.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“How did you kill the Ashman in the forest last year?”
“I shot him with an arrow.”
“What kind of arrow?”
“A sharp one.”
Nate rolled his eyes. “Really, dude? A sharp one?”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“It was like the Secret Garden.
Of dead people.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry
tags: humor

Chelsea Fine
“The moon was full, shining enough light down for Scarlet to make out the hundreds of gravestones lined up in the wet grass and the dozens of standing tombs that rose up in various places throughout the yard.
Giant trees swayed in the winter wind, throwing shadows across the grounds and making it look like the darkness was alive.
Graveyards were much more frightening at night than they were during the day.
An owl hooted.
A wolf howled.
A bat flapped across the night sky before her, wings silhouetted by the giant moon.
Are you kidding me?
It was like the graveyard knew Scarlet had entered and wanted to make it the creepiest experience ever.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry

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