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Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead
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Jul 07, 2008

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bookshelves: fantasy, american-lit

Paranormal romance/urban fantasy thingy that I enjoyed in spite of some rather obvious flaws. Namely: the writing’s only okay (no first person narrator should ever say “as I noted earlier” unless they’re narrating an academic text), the identity of the villain is obvious pretty much from the moment he’s introduced, and the ending’s kind of an anti-climactic cop out. I was also kind of bummed that in a novel about angels and demons, no one seemed particularly good or evil; there’s a second-rate Crowley-and-Aziraphale pair, for instance, but for most of the book, you’d be hard pressed to tell which of them is on which side. Maybe that’s kind of the point, but I’d like to see a little more demonic energy from a group of vampires, imps, and succubi.

That said, however…I genuinely liked the heroine, a succubus by night/bookstore assistant manager by day. Her angst was believable, and I liked that she refused to sit quietly when told and instead went out and investigated (even if she was a liiiiiiiitle bit slower to put certain things together than I’d have liked—though I did have the advantage of knowing I was reading a book, etc.). I also liked her geeky novelist love interest, and there were some genuinely clever moments. So: not brilliant but enjoyable, and far more surprising/delightful than the “Sex and the City with a little Buffy thrown in” mix it’s billed as.
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Audra I agree that I liked the heroine of this but I really thought the author punted on the ending. It was far too predictable and I was hoping it wouldn't be, you know? There were some parts of the book that weren't predictable and. If I was her beta, I'd have told her to "go for it" in the end. *g*

Andrea What I liked most about this book (actually, I can speak for the whole series, I can't single out one book in it) is the reality of things. Supernatural but so real. It does have supernatural creatures and a nice world thought out, but the characters, their actions, good and bad moves, the situations... it all rings true.
The fact that none of the characters are black/white, nobody is particularly good or evil is what backs up my opinion the most. People are usually like that, there's rarely a person around you that is through and through good or bad.
After reading the whole series, I think there is a character that is genuinely good - Carter. A very interesting character. I feel more needs to be said about him in books to come.
But, Georgina is so wonderfully flawed, it was a delight to read about a character who makes bad mistakes and suffers for them, messes up and knows it, get jealous and admits it, admits liking to be the center of attention etc. She is so wonderfully human (no pun intended). All of them are. The plots are pretty obvious and even I can spot the villain from a mile away (mostly) but it doesn't matter to me so much. I loved the whole series! Mead has an amazing talent for creating and developing characters.

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