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Rae of Hope by W.J. May
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Jun 25, 12

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Rae of Hope was recommended to me by this awesome youtuber. We both have similar interests in books, and I thought, hey, why the fuck not read this since it's summer and all I do is go out and spend money anyways.

When I found out that this book was not even four dollars in the Amazon bookstore, I jumped for joy. Literally.

Here's an inexpensive book with an amazing concept!

What a surprise!


However, little did I know that this book was not good.

At all.

I admit, the plot was going well, but our main character was awful and the writing was fucking bad.

It was so, so, so, so, so, so, so bad.

I hated it.

Oh my god.

I already said this in a status update, but I'm going to say it again. I felt like I was reading my own work from when I was 13-14. When I was 13-14, I thought my writing was so good! I posted shit on thinking I was on top of the world, but now that I'm reading those shits again, I feel like crying.

I got that same feeling every time I picked up my kindle to read Rae of Hope. I'm not even going to lie to you, I cringed at the writing every fucking single time. And reading bad writing makes the entire reading experience uncomfortable. I read for fun―I'm not going to fucking sit through hell trying to decipher what the author's trying to say. Maybe decipher is not the right word, because the entire novel is full of simple, easy descriptions and bad diction. There's nothing to decipher.


The writing was just terrible.

It was fucking juvenile.

So childish and so mundane and so not interesting.

I'm reading it, and I see grammatical errors, I see awkward as fuck sentences.

I'm sorry, but how did this book even get published? I applaud the author for completing a novel, that's hard, but did someone teach her how to write?

Examples and examples of bad writing:

"Molly stood further down the sidewalk, talking to a very hot guy with chestnut brown hair, dark eyes and a dimple on his right cheek. It disappeared when he stopped smiling and began talking again, making Rae a little sad. She wanted to see that dimple again" (May Ch. 1, location 309).


Oh god.

"Dropping her head back against the ground, trying to remember how to breathe after having the air squished out of her lungs, she opened her eyes and waited for them to focus" (May Ch. 2, location 330).


"A tall boy with his dark, almost black, hair tied in a ponytail, rested his arm on Devon's shoulder. Rae noted the confident, comfortable gesture. This was obviously one of Devon's friends and Rae decided she wanted to know all of his friends" (May Ch. 2, location 579).

I know they're friends! I came to that conclusion when "Rae noted the confident, comfortable gesture." Ugh.

The author honestly thinks her readers are dumb.

"This seemed more important than a talk about the birds and the bees, which was, of course, another topic never broached" (May Ch. 4, location 851).


And of course: "...with this power comes responsibility" (May Ch. 4, location 892).

WAY to use Uncle Ben's quote, May.

Okay, now I have a legitimate question for the author. Why does she insist on using third-person omniscient when half of the text is the main character voicing her thoughts? Why not just fucking use first-person?

And I know that the author hasn't been a teenager for a while, but that doesn't excuse anything. Dialogue between characters is just so corny and awkward. SO FUCKING AWKWARD. But it's not just dialogue between characters that's awkward. When Rae voices her thoughts, she says the fucking weirdest things:

"Gee, thanks roomie" (May Ch. 2, location 366).

"You ain't kidding" (May Ch. 3, location 655).

"Obviously, he's thinking it too, but won't point it out. Handsome and nice...great combo. He just keeps getting better and better!" (May Ch. 3, location 771).


Someone please shoot me. What the fuck is this crap I'm reading.

Let's quickly talk about Rae.

Actually, let's not.

I'm just going to give you a quote from the book and then you can judge her, okay?

"Sexier was the word he didn't say, but Rae could read it on his face. She'd seen tattoos on girls' backs but never thought of them as anything more than ink. A tramp stamp. She needed to start taking notes if she planned to fit in at this school" (May Ch. 2, location 443 & 464).

I'm crying.

This is so bad. I want my money back.

I would totally insert a GIF, but I have no idea how.

If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.
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5.0% "Oh my God. This writing is so bad I want to cry. I feel like I'm reading my own work from freshman year in high school. At that point in my life, I thought my prose was fucking beast when it actually sucked balls."

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message 1: by Marlena (new)

Marlena Thanks! Now I know not to read it! :) I hate it when I get a book that I think will be good then it just turns into shit... T_T

kelllsify Me too Marlena, me too.

message 3: by April (new)

April I cringe at YOUR writing. F this, F that. It is so Effing ridiculous. Use your words.

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