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Blood Ninja by Nick Lake
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Jan 20, 12

bookshelves: 2011-2012
Read in January, 2012

In Blood Ninja, the protaganist Taro starts as a peasant that fishes for a living, living with his parents and his best friend, whom he saved at childhood upon thier first encounter. But it all changes his family is attacked by ninja. He, his friend, and his mother were saved, but his father was killed an Taro vowed vengence. His savior soon came his mentor, when he had changed Taro into a Vampire to save his life, revealing to him the life of a vampire, as ninja, for all ninjas were vampires. Taro soon met new aquientences and began his training to become a ninja and kill the man who assigned the ninjas to kill his father. Soon he finds that his father wasn;t really his father, that his real father was a lord of another land, Lord Tokugawa, the enemy of this lands lord, Lord Oda, and it was Lord Oda who wanted Taro dead and killed his father. So he was to kill lord Oda, but it would be hard for ninjas to during the day, for the sun killed them, but not Taro, he could walk day light too! So his job was easier, but on the was many of his companies died for him to be the Shogun one day, a dear friend and even his mentor. But in the end he got what he wanted, and even befriended the Lords daughter. But when Taro drank the lords blood, then accidentally dropped his own blood into the lords mouth, after the bloody battle and thats how one becomes a vampire.
This book was amazing, its idea of ninjas being vampires has created another great vampire book, unlike the many others that do nothing but ruin vampire reputation. But this book has gave the vampire community some credit again. And the story was great over all, the scenery in the shogun time in Japan. Connecting all parts of that times community, all aspects with folktell put together too. The talk about honor and the samuri, more importantly the Bushido Code. It was so set in ancient Japan, that the ninja part and vampires part seemed so real and vivid. The main character Taro's story is a great one, with vengence for his father, rising up to become a ninja, losing many friends, including his mentor, but never his best and childhood friend, his father being a Lord, it is awesome. I rate this book to be extremley awesome and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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