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Haunted by Heather Graham
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Jan 20, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: kindle, 2012
Read from January 23 to February 11, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I enjoyed the first half of this book so much, but then Darcy's relationship with Matt kind of made me want to stop reading a few times. I feel like it was too fairy tale-esque. They only knew each other for a few weeks before they started thinking about how they might not be able to live without each other. Honestly, relationships like that make me sick and make me believe that it will never work out. They acted more like a high school couple than a pair of grown adults with rational mindsets.

I was also put off by how all the guys seemed to drool over Darcy. It was annoying to read about how every male was trying to get with her at some point. A strong main character should have relatable qualities, and I just find it quite difficult to believe that every person who reads this book to be able to relate to Darcy. She felt more like the person so many wish they could be and it just got quite redundant whenever she left the Melody House. In fact, almost every female that was in this book seemed to have the same 'beauty queen' qualities and it just got annoying after a while. There really wasn't a character any one could relate to. The characters that came close to be realistic were Clint and Carter in how they seemed to want to go through woman like no tomorrow. I'm not saying every male is like, but I've known a few who are like that.

There were a few parts in the book that came across kind of cheesy to me. Like the Seance part, in which Darcy gets 'possessed' and starts talking in a completely different voice. It was just an expected thing and the way it was carried out made it feel like the book belonged more in the young adult category than a mystery/suspense. The only parts of the book that really seemed 'suspenseful' were when the bones disappeared and when Matt connects the names of the missing women to Carter.

The ending was kind of disappointing and rather anti-climatic. The ghost of woman that Carter killed was the one to kill him. It was what I expected to happen after Matt made the connection to Carter. I would have liked to have seen it end a little differently. I almost wanted Darcy to get hurt just because she seemed to escape every other misfortune that I think the story would have benefited from having her get hurt a little more than she did. I loathed that after encounter to harm, she would insist she was fine. I personally wouldn't be fine after all that she had been through; falling through a library floor, getting pushed into grave while it's storming out and have a tree branch fall over the grave while she was in it, and then have Carter put a knife to her throat. Yeah, I'm sure I'd be just fine after all that.
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