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The Selection by Kiera Cass
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May 26, 2012

really liked it
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I met Kiera Cass last year at BEA at the Book Blogger Convention during the Author Speed Dating and I knew from her pitch (think The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games) that this was a book I would HAVE to read.

Lovely Genre Mix, Dystopian, Romance, Contemporary

The Selection is indeed set in a dystopian world, but this first book didn’t focus so much on describing and explaining the specifics of this world to us. I didn’t mind though, since it focused more on America and The Selection. In America’s world, the country is ruled by a royal family and in order to show the people that they care about them, a prince is going to take his princess from the “crowd” so girls from every social caste can apply and .. America was one of them. Also, the ruling family for once doesn’t sound like the ruthless ruler we often encounter in dystopian novel and I have to admit, I really enjoyed the complexity this added to the story. While the caste system may seem harsh, it’s not headed by heartless dictators. Rather, they seem so far removed from the daily difficulties of those of the lower castes that they just don’t realize how bad it is. Excuseable? No. Believable? Ask Marie Antoinette.

And, while the ruling family is by no means perfect, I found myself liking them. We don’t get to truly know Maxon’s parents in this book, but I am hoping to get to know them more in the next book, particularly Maxon’s mother, who, like America, was part of the Selection.

America – the Singer and Maxon – Prince Charming
I liked that America, as the unenthusiastic entrant into the Selection, had some distance from the tension the other girls seemed to feel. And it’s clear from the reaction of the people of the country that this detachment serves her well…allowing the best of who she is to shine through. And I must admit that I was charmed by the interactions between America and Maxon. I liked that she didn’t fall at his feet. But there’s a quiet kindness to Maxon and I liked that America saw it and was drawn to it over time.

Conversely, I liked that Maxon was not only open to falling in love but was actively looking among the girls of the Selection for a woman he could make a life with. He didn’t get to make the rules that said this was how his future spouse would be determined but he’s taking what he’s given and trying to find the best solution he can from it. Which I found to be a very adult attitude.

America, Maxon and Aspen… Love Triangle on the horizon?
Gosh I hope not! I’m not a big fan of the “I’m breaking your heart for your own good” argument and that’s precisely what we hear from Aspen, almost from the first time we meet him. He always seems to be pulling away from America, so conscious of the difference in their castes, so overwhelmed by what he thinks he needs to be for her that he entirely misses that he was already everything she wanted.

Maxon on the other-hand is always upfront and honest with America, even accepting that she doesn’t love him, but admitting that he hoped she might come to see that they could make a life together as it’s clear he’s definitely falling for her. *sigh* I’m Team Maxon all the way here!!

Bottom Line
The Selection was a fun and light read with slow progressing romance and a promise of mysterious unfolding plot! Kiera Cass delivered a great and fresh new tale and we’re both looking forward seeing where this story goes!

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