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Raven's Mark by Jade Archer
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Jan 20, 2012

really liked it
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Read in January, 2012

I was lucky enough to have one the first book in this series which is m/m/m and the story of Lark, Zak and Brody who run the Sandpipers Restaurant. This book sort of overlaps the end. Raven is the single parent of one of Brody's little brother's preschool friends. The three have kind of taken Raven under their wing, but he's extremely skittish, has a stutter and panic attacks, however he's starting fresh with his son. Mark is the new head chef who is instantly fascinated by Raven. Mark raised his own twin siblings when his parents died, so he has no problem with the kid issue, nor does he care about Raven's PTSD or stuttering. They start out slow and things are going well until Raven has a bad panic attack and pushes Mark away. They finally get back on track and Raven's ex (mother of Ryan) shows up to case more mayhem, and Raven pushes Mark away.

While that might seem like eye roll worthy, it didn't come across that way. Raven has been beaten down (in all senses) and his reactions were understandable. Luckily pushy Lark was there to help them work it out most of the time. What was also nice is that while at first Mark comes across as Mr. Perfect and in control, he's not quite so perfect. He's got OCD type control issues and later when confronted, maybe has a bit of a saviour complex as well. So while he's not in as rough shape as Raven, he's not so perfect as to make him annoying.

Also so many times I wanted to slap my hand over Mark's mouth and just tell him to shut up. LOL He assumes Raven has been abused based on his behaviour, and yet the first time he sees burn scars on his chest he goes (paraphrasing) "OMG, What happened?" Right, like the guy is just going to open up now. So again, it was kind of nice to see him screw up and not be Raven's saviour. In the end Raven had to stand up for his son and do the right thing, with the support of his friends.

I also appreciated that this was not a magical healing dick story. It took weeks and weeks before they even kissed and having sex did not make it all better, in fact it made it worse for a time. The epilogue is many months later and Raven is starting therapy for his issue and while he's better, he's still got a stutter and he still has PTSD issues, so I like when that kind of realism is there. Nothing worse than having disability disappear so that both heroes can be "perfect". I really enjoy this story and there were a few emotional moments, but some cute ones as well. I was happy to see the guys get their HEA even if it wasn't "normal".

There appears to be a set-up for a third story with Dave and Andy, kitchen workers assumed to be friends, when one of them quits suddenly at the end. My only concern, is that they kept making reference to both of them flirting with Jaime, a waitress so, nothing personal author, I just hope there aren't any lady bits involved in their story. LOL Call me a purist, all dick, all the time. :-)
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Nichem Do I need to read the first book before reading this one? This sounds good, but m/m/m isn't my favorite, so I haven't read the first.

message 2: by Tam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tam No, you don't have to but Brody, Zak and Lark play a pretty big roll in bringing them together, but there is no m/m/m smexin' in this one. Just they are around.

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