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Ravensong by M.L. Hamilton
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Jan 20, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 20 to 24, 2012

I liked this book, but the first half of it drove me a little crazy. There were too many he said, he remarked, he questioned, he inquired....they are having a conversation, I get it, please stop doing that. There were also weird uses of language that confused me. At first I thought the author was afraid to use harsh language. For instance there is a mention of a drink named after an inappropriate sex act. There are lots of drinks named after inappropriate sex acts. Why can't we just say what it is? I mean, I may want to go make one, so I kind of need to know what it is. There were other uses of language that made the time frame confusing. She mentions putting a disk into a compact disc machine instead of a cd player. I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone use the words compact disc machine, but since it was used I started seeing California in the late 1980's. That would be fine and all except all of a sudden people had cell phones and were on the internet, so I had no idea when this was taking place. Maybe it was the early 2000's, but I'm honestly not sure.

The dialog between the musicians was a little too female. The banter between the guys should have been dirtier, and harsher, and just simply more male. I was surprised the first time a four letter word showed up. In the world of recording studios and touring rock musicians four letter words shouldn't be reserved, it's common every day language. I thought maybe the language was for Elana but that didn't makes sense. She had worked in the music industry before, so she should not have had such delicate ears. Although if memory serves, it was her mouth that had used most of the cursing, which again is odd considering the company she kept was mostly male.

I thought the book was going to be mostly based on the romance of Joshua and Elana. I didn't want a romance, I wanted to get sucked back into the music scene because of another book I had recently read. Although most of the story takes place within the band's office and the road tour, I didn't get a really big feel for the music. I still have no idea what Avalanche sounded like. Joshua had an amazing voice, like an "angel", but I never got to "hear" it. For me, that really hurt the story. I mean, these people could have been in any business and it would not have made a difference. This is with the exception of when the music became important to the plot, but the story was nearly over when that made sense.

But I did give this story 4 stars, so I had to like something, right. And I did. Joshua's addiction and how it was described was spot on. His shame, his hopelessness, his fear, and his lies, were all spot on. I wish the entire book could have been about his decent into addiction and his slow recovery and then the everyday fight to stay clean. The second half of this novel was nothing less than impressive. Joshua's family and the way they treated him was believable and spot on. I can honestly say there were times that I could feel Joshua's pain. I mean it isn't everyday that you discover you have broken out in a sweat because the guy in the book in sweating. I ached along with Joshua and could not put the second half down until I finished it. There was just no way I was going to bed to have another person's nightmares, you know?

Where was all the emotion, the banter, the anguish in the first half of the book that I was given to read in the second half? It was as if I had read two separate books. One I found amusing and a poor attempt at writing and one a powerful and real look into a recovering addict. All I can say is that the first half of this book was worth it because it lead to the second half. So 4 stars it is. I can only hope Ms. Hamilton continues to write in this genre. I assure you, I will be patiently awaiting for her next story. I can only hope the next book is written in the manner of the second half of Ravensong.
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