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Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink
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Jul 06, 2008

it was amazing

Mindless Eating

By Brian Wansink, Ph.D.

The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.

A. Introduction

B. Mindless Margin

a. cut out 200 cal per day

b. serve 20% less on your plate at a meal

c. for fruits and veg. Think 20% more.

C. See All you eat

a. put everything you want to eat on a plate before you start eating.

b. Put snack in a bowl and leave box or bag in kitchen.

c. You’ll eat less if you see what you’ve already eaten. If you leave all the plates on your table at the chuckwagon……….leave all the soda glasses on the table.

D. King size packages and tableware

a. Mini-size your bulk sized boxes and bags

b. Use smaller plates and glasses.

c. We eat more when there is a variety. Buffet, pot luck, reception. At these events never have more than 2 items on your plate at a time. You’ll refill your plate less often.

E. Make overeating a hassle, not a habit

a. Leave serving dishes in the kitchen or on a sideboard. Are we hungry still and enough to get up and go back in the kitchen for seconds?

b. “De-convenience” tempting foods. Take extras to basement or store in back of fridge.

c. Snack only at table and on plate. This makes it less convenient to serve, eat, and clean up after a snack. Do I really want this mess?

d. Make salad, fruits and veggies convenient. Cut up etc.

F. Create Distraction-Free Eating Scripts

a. Try to be last person to start eating when in a group

b. Pace yourself with the slowest eater at the table

c. Avoid another helping by always leaving food on plate. You must not be finished…….so you can’t get more yet.

d. Eat alone=eating less

e. No meal multi tasking.

f. Snack only in one place in your house. A place without distractions (comp, tv etc.) It makes it less alluring.

g. If you HAVE to snack, dish yourself out a ration. Don’t eat straight out of bag or box or huge serving bowl.

G. Comfort foods

a. Don’t deprive yourself. Eat smaller amounts

b. Rewire your comfort foods by substituting a less calorie item.

H. Nutritional Gatekeeper

a. Offer variety. New recipes, ethnic foods. Healthy foods can be more easily substituted for less-healthy foods.

b. Be a good marketer. Make the food look good. Give food inviting names and adjectives.

c. Half plate rule. ½ plate of veg and fruit and salad. ½ meat and starches

d. Make serving size official. Put into baggies. Clear counter of extra in box. Use Ice cream bars instead of bowls of icecream.
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