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Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
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Jan 22, 2012

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Read from January 20 to 22, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I was reminded of a mythological version of Twilight when I read this book.

See, the thing is, I tried reading this book back in the summer. I had it open and everything, and then I just couldn't do it. I guessed then that I'd really have to read it a time when I wasn't distracted, or when I was reading a bunch of other books as well.

So now that I got it and everything, I didn't exactly hate it... but I didn't really like it, either.

There were a lot of things to get pissed off about in this book. One of them is that it was too damn long. Believe me when I say that I really like nicely, considerable-sized books that provide excellent plot and even more excellent story. But this book... man, this book. I kept checking back to the end to read the number correctly. But that wasn't my main concern.

My main concern, as mentioned before, was how closely similar it was to the Twilight novel. First of all, it's a forbidden love, romance, relationship, affair, or whatever you want to call it. Luke, or Lucas, kept telling Helen that he couldn't be with her, no matter what happened or what they said to each other. Every reader already established that the love interest would be between these two characters. And even without the spoiler (view spoiler) I just knew that the two lovers wouldn't have a proper relationship without a few (or a lot) of relationship disturbances. To admit, it would have seemed like The Mortal Instruments, where Jace and Clary couldn't be together due to the whole "incestuous" stuff going on. It would have worked on Starcrossed, except the two of them just couldn't stay away from each other. In Twilight, Bella and Edward weren't (and still shouldn't have been) together at the beginning because of the whole "vampire" nonsense.

And then, with the whole crap about going to school. I thought it was seriously pointless to read about how she "hated" Lucas and how Lucas "hated" Helen because of all the Furies and their intervention. I understand the gist of all this Greek mythology, but when it comes to romance, it shouldn't work. I hate how the two lovers "hate" each other at the beginning of every book. I don't exactly like cocky males and stuff, and when they appear, I really don't like how the girl gets all annoyed but becomes so sensitive and whatnot at the end of the novel. Again, Twilight similarities.

Another similarity is the family. Just about every character, from Castor to Cassandra, in my head, played at least a small role in the book that reminded me of Twilight. It really pissed me off.

There were a bunch of other things that made me want to throw the book down, but in my refusal to not finish a started book, I went on with it. The writing and the Greekiness was fine, and I get what it's about, but the way that the characters, um, blended into the novel and how everything got all weird in the end just dropped my ratings. We find out in the novel that Lucas and Helen aren't actually first cousins, but are fed that lie by Daphne and end up believing it. What I find stupid is that- why is it considered wrong to love your cousin? I've heard of cousins marrying and all in thousands of places. It's not like they're siblings or anything. That little scene was a total waste of time and just made me more frustrated.

I don't seem to be making much sense in this review, but in the long run, I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't exactly satisfied with the novel, either. I'd rather just give it three stars.

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