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Gideon's Corpse by Douglas Preston
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Jan 19, 2012

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bookshelves: thriller, spies
Read from June 30 to July 01, 2012 — I own a copy

This is the 2nd book in the Gideon Crewseries by Messieurs Douglas & Child. And while it is a slick written thriller and is a fairly easy read it lacks in my humble opinion the depth of their usual writings. Like the 1st book in this series they feel like they are written with a cinema-release or tv-movie of the week in the back of their minds. While the books are undoubtely fine in their details they come across as a quicky write in between their individual books and their Pendergast-series.

Once again Gideon Crew goes his spookfriends at EES a favor in a hostage situation. A former collegae of his gets killed which in turn gives Gideon a flashback to his own fathers death. All changes when they find out that the collegue from Los Alamos is radio-active and before you know the race is on for the discovery of a nuclear weapon that has been build and will explode within 10 days. All agencies stumble over each other in order to find the target nad/or bomb.

Gideon and his FBI partner with the very butch name of Stone Fordyce are going back to the past of the scientist that made the bomb in order to track down the terrorist cell and make them talk.

The story contains some twists and turns, some romantic and serious actionsequences that would look great being filmed and at the end it is Gideon Crew that faces the forces of evil alone or not.

While the whole story reads easy, it is perfectly great for beach reading, one should not look to close at the logic and implausiblities concerning the physical skills of mr Crew. It comes close to the skill and physical stamina of 007 as wriiten by Fleming.

Is it fun to read?- Heck yes.
Does it belong with the better work of mesieurs Dauglas and Child?- Not in my humble opinion. But it is worthy enough to pick up while waiting for their next novel.
Would I read the next Crew novel?- Yes I would because they remain my always blind-buy-auteurs.

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