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Survive by Alex Morel
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Jan 19, 2012

really liked it
Read on June 20, 2012

I fucking love survival stories.

Also, i'd be lying if i said i didn't want to cry my eyes out right now.

Full review:

Jane, wants to die—that’s clear from the start (seeing as though she’s in a mental hospital for attempted suicide….) But, she still follows the facility’s program to a tee--talking with a therapist, attending group counseling and overall being on her best behavior so she can score a temporary ticket out of there.

Little does she know that the plane ride home and the adorably attractive boy seated next to her will change her life forever.

Mr. Paul Hart (adorably attractive boy) tries to make conversation with Jane but she just ain’t having it. She’s got bigger things to worry about, like falling asleep in the plane’s bathroom and never waking up—so, whose got time for small talk, right?

Well, fast-forward a couple sleeping pills, EXtreme turbulence and a crash in mountains later…and Jane’s going to have to start singing a different tune. Because the only other person who survived the crash? The adorably attractive boy. Who she’s probably going to have to talk to now…

Jane has no choice but to team up with Paul, and together they try to keep one another alive. First step towards survival? Go find supplies. They end up heading back to the main body of the plane and searching through other passenger’s belongings. What they find is a couple of sleeping bags, a water bottle or two and some candy. Not much.

I seriously felt so bad for them. It’s below effing zero degrees, they’re scared as eff and the chance of them being rescued is…slim. But somehow they both stayed positive. Or at least, when one wasn’t positive the other one was!

And I absolutely adored Paul. He was super arrogant but also just the sweetest thing. I totally ended up falling for him and so did Jane.

In the six days they’re stranded together they share so much more than just a sleeping bag….in the cold….at night….for the body heat…. ;)

Ehem! Moving one, so Jane shares her past with Paul and he spills his hopes, fears and regrets too. Their time together was so freaking precious. They were all cute and cuddly one second and then they’d bicker and banter the next. *sighs* I love bi-polar relationships. :P

Anywhoooo, so the second step towards survival? Get to higher ground—a mountaintop where they can be seen. But it’s not that easy and the mountain throws obstacles in Jane and Paul’s way….leading one of them to not quite making it out.

With an ending that broke my heart and had me in tears, Survive will stick with me for a long time. And I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a suspenseful romantic survival story! (say that ten times fast!)
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