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The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez
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Jan 25, 12

bookshelves: 2012, audiobooks, robots, sci-fi-fantasy
Read from January 18 to 25, 2012

"Look, I wrote a detective novel!"

No one reads those anymore. People like more modern things nowadays. Robots and suchlike.

"Robots, eh?"

With just glance at her, I knew in a second that this dame was more trouble than she was worth, even if she did have the longest legs I had ever seen, right up to here.

"Just need to edit this a bit and..."

With just one scan, I knew in a microsecond that this biological was more trouble than she was worth, even if she did have the longest legs in my memory banks, right up to here.


Um, why is your robot detective still talking about her legs?


Ok, whatever. Calm down.
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message 1: by Portia (new)

Portia S I'm intrigued...

message 2: by j (new) - rated it 3 stars

j it's a fun read, but there isn't much too it. mostly it is a regular old detective story spiced up with some sci-fi ideas. it gets outlandish toward the end but the characters are all pretty stock, probably intentionally so. i was just a little disappointed that the robot wasn't really any different than a human in his thought process or mindset, even though that turned out to be a major theme of the book.

inasmuch as it had a theme outside of "hey, this will be fun."

message 3: by Portia (new)

Portia S MMmmmmmm -_- stock characters... would have been pulled in by the sci fi look on detective scene, but if you really saw no difference between the robot, then I wonder what really pulls you, you know?

message 4: by j (new) - rated it 3 stars

j i'm exaggerating a bit. some parts of the story paid lip service to the fact that the lead was a robot. but it wasn't really interesting enough for me. he still basically thought and felt like a human, just faster. he frequently commented about how humans were illogical or reacted oddly, but he did too, attributing it to spending too much time with humans. which closely mapped with a lot of detective novel tropes about the cynical detective with a hidden soft side.

i mean, there were also mutants, and a talking gorilla, and aliens and stuff, so that helped keep my interest. more or less.

message 5: by Portia (new)

Portia S Well, if I ever see it knocking around, I'll check it out. I love how I sort of dragged a further review of this book out of you :P Write more reviews, I like reading them :)

message 6: by j (new) - rated it 3 stars

j thanks, i will try! i have been feeling more enthused lately.

i did mean to write a longer review initially but then i got lazy. thanks for prodding me!

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I really want to see a book entitled Robots and Suchlike someday.

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