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The Ultimate Prescription by James L. Marcum
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Jan 19, 2012

really liked it
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Pivotal information for the true management of a healthier lifestyle.

Not surprisingly everything that Dr. Marcum tells the reader in this book is what we should do as a society. However the bad habits that plaque our society begin at a very young age when we are children. Unless parents already have these habits instilled in their children we will always have stressed out unhealthy people walking around this planet. One thing Dr. Marcum left out was how parents need to be instrumental in teaching their children this true path to healthy living. I am not saying it is to late once you are an adult to turn your life around. However most of the time when people decide to change bad habits it is because they are already very ill, desperate and actually scared. The early prevention Dr. Marcum speaks about in this book is the best medicine overall and I see the connection with the bible as it is quite clear.

This book like many books is not a quick fix for any medical problem whatever it may be and certainly not a quick fix for someone who is already diagnosed with heart disease. But it is the best advice one can receive when it comes to how to live a healthier life. Which place us in tune with what God had planned for us from the very beginning, all of which can be found in the bible in the book of genesis. It can be easy to say that the most widely sold book on the planet the bible with over 6 billion copies sold since its first existence has failed us all, has brought us to this point, because it is not easy to understand. The rules are not as clear as the 10 commandments. Does it matter really? When people even fail to implement the 10 commandments while knowing exactly what they mean. The whole point and a sad truth is that in this generation where information is easiest and most abundant to find, is when we have the most unhealthy society of all time, since the beginning of time. First I would recommend this book earnestly to anyone who truly and honestly is tired of feeling sick and would like to feel better. Second this book is for anyone, more so for those who do not know how to go about living a healthier lifestyle, which takes a lot of hard work to maintain. Some people have gotten used to popping a pill as an alternative, which is why the pharmaceutical business consists of multi billion dollar companies. At the end of the book Dr. Marcum goes over early symptoms of heart problems and different testing procedures for those who may already be diagnosed with heart problems and what to expect during these procedures. This is an eye-opening book for anyone who is not taking care of themselves.

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