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The Iliad by Homer
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01/19/2012 page 168
09/21/2014 marked as: currently-reading
09/22/2014 page 75
14.0% ""Sing, goddess, the anger of Peleus' son Achilleus and its devastation, which put pains thousandfold upon the Achaians …….""
09/23/2014 page 113
21.0% ""As on the peaks of a mountain the south wind scatters the thick mist, no friend to the shepherd, but better than night for the robber, and a man can see before him only so far as a stone cast, so beneath their feet the dust drove up in a stormcloud.""
09/23/2014 page 128
24.0% ""… and Terror drove them, and Fear, and Hate whose wrath is relentless, she the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven. She then hurled down bitterness equally between both sides as she walked through the onslaught making men's pain heavier.""
09/25/2014 page 130
24.0% ""…. but you could not have told on which side Tydeus' son (Diomedes) was fighting, whether he were one with the Trojans or with the Achaians, since he went storming up the plain like a winter-swollen river in spate that scatters the dikes in its running current, one that the strong-compacted dikes can contain no longer, neither the mounded banks of the blossoming vineyards hold it rising suddenly …..""
09/29/2014 page 154
29.0% ""Dear brother, o Menelaos, are you concerned so tenderly with these people? Did you in your house get the best of treatment from the Trojans? No, let not one of them go free of sudden death and our hands; not the young man child that the mother carries still in her body, not even he, but let all of Ilion's people perish, utterly blotted out and unmourned for.""
09/29/2014 page 159
30.0% ""High-hearted son of Tydeus, why ask of my generation? As is the generation of leaves, so is that of humanity. The wind scatters the leaves on the ground, but the live timber burgeons with leaves again in the season of spring returning. So one generation of men will grow while another dies.""
10/02/2014 page 168
31.0% ""Then his beloved father laughed out, and his honoured mother, and at once glorious Hector lifted from his head the helmet and laid it in all its shining upon the ground. Then taking up his dear son he tossed him about in his arms, and kissed him, and lifted his voice in prayer to Zeus and the other immortals ....""
10/04/2014 page 200
37.0% ""Meanwhile immortal Panic, companion of cold Terror, gripped the Achaians as all their best were stricken with grief that passes endurance. As two winds rise to shake the sea where the fish swarm, ...... north wind and west, that blow ...., suddenly descending, and the darkened water is gathered to crests, and far across the salt water scatters the seaweed; so the heart in the breast of each Achaians was troubled.""
07/25/2015 marked as: to-read
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