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Taken by Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jan 19, 2012

really liked it
Read in January, 2012

Summary: Taken by Midnight is Brock’s story. He is another of the Order’s newer recruits. Brock hails from the midwest, where in a previous life he had been a bodyguard to a young breedmate. After blaming himself for the disappearance of the woman he loved, he has not trusted himself to pursue love again. Part of him envies his warrior brothers who have mated in recent years, but he doesn’t want to risk loving and losing again – that is, until Jenna Tucker-Darrow enters his life.

Jenna was introduced to us in book 7, Shades of Midnight. She is the best friend of Alexandra, who is Kade’s breedmate. Originally from Alaska, Jenna has been brought to the Order’s compound in Boston to be medically treated after surviving an attack from the Ancient in the previous book. Jenna is not a breedmate, and she has no intention of staying in Boston after she heals. But, the Order soon discovers that her attack has changed her DNA. She is no longer entirely human, and until they can better understand what will happen to her next, they cannot allow her to leave.

Stuck in Boston for the time being, Jenna begins to develop a friendship with Brock. After losing her husband and daughter in a tragic accident years earlier, Jenna is as resistant to love as Brock is. The comfort and friendship they find with each other slowly begins to blossom into something more intimate, until they must finally accept that friendship is no longer enough.

Meanwhile, the Order is aggressively hunting for Dragos. While the men search for clues of his whereabouts, the women of the compound are searching for the breedmates that Dragos has been holding captive for dozens of years. Wanting to make a contribution to the effort, Jenna uses her police training and contacts to help with the search.

Review: I wasn’t as captivated with the love story in this book as I was with the other storylines. Taken by Midnight spends a lot of time back in the Boston Compound with all of the other characters I’ve loved from previous books in the series. With Tegan, Dante and Lucan back in the picture, it was hard for me to focus on Brock. Brock is a nice addition to the Order, but he isn’t one of my favorites. With that being the case, I was only moderately interested in his love life.

However, I LOVED the way that Jenna was brought into the warrior family. She is the first female in the series who isn’t a breedmate. The “seed” that was implanted in her by the Ancient has changed her DNA, and it looks like she might become the very first female vampire in history. She is still changing as the story ends, so we don’t know exactly what she will be, but her capabilities definitely lead us to believe that vampirism is in her future. This was a fantastic twist, and I just loved the originality of it.

In more exciting news, the Order makes another successful strike against Dragos. While the villain himself continues to elude them, the warriors and their mates are slowly chipping away at his master plan.

Even though the romance was a little overshadowed by other elements of the story, I still really liked the book. I was so happy to see some of the other characters back in this book, and I was so captivated by Jenna’s changes, that I didn’t find the book lacking as a whole. The intensity and excitement of the story was everything I have come to expect from Lara Adrian.


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