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Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner
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Jul 02, 07

it was ok
bookshelves: fiction, american-lit

** spoiler alert ** This fits into the category of "Books I feel I ought to like but really, really don't." I mean, it's about the American West, and there's an interesting female character, and my mom adores both the book and the author...but god, I found it a horrible slow slog, relentlessly depressing and bleak, and just...unpleasant, really. Also, this book has one of the most fucking bizarre endings I have ever encountered—Stegner actually does an "And it was all a dream!" thing, which, on the one hand, I kind of admire him for, but also...WTF?

I think I said almost exactly this when we read this book for my Junior Seminar in college. And yet my professor still loved me! Rodney should have been an English major, man—apparently being blunt and rude and crass is considered "refreshing."
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Linda Orvis I'm with you on this one! I thought it would never end, and I'm a patient reader. Thanks for being honest.

Stephanie I completely agree about the "it was all a dream" comment. In spite of many fine literary qualities, the book did at times read like a script for a soap opera; and that awkward faux ending clinched that perception for me. Absolutely inexcusable.

Ryan I loved the book, but I thought the dream sequence odd as well. On a positive note, it's one of the few times I've ever literally said out loud to myself while reading, "What the fuck?" while thinking, "This is sounding like a nightmare." And then it was.

This is something I would love to hear a literature professor explain, why "Stegner's nighmare sequence is integral to the structure of the book as a whole."

Cindy Thank you! I had high expectations for this book based on all the glowing reviews and had the hardest time staying awake and getting through it.

Sherry I've been trying to like this book but honestly it is so slow and plodding I feel like I'm being punished instead of doing something pleasurable. I will put it in the pile marked "did not finish."

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