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Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville
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Jan 18, 2012

it was amazing
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I was asked to write a review about this book. Let's see what I can do...

First of all, you need to know I'm very very demanding with my M/M books. I have been reading the genre since I was a teenager, and that has made me a very picky reader. I won't even bother trying to deny this; What for everyone else is a 5 stars book, most of the time is not even a 2 stars for me. #kanyeshrugs

Anyway, about Zero At the Bone...

For the most part, this book is simply perfect. I couldn't put it down, and the more I read the better it got. Everything was all I wanted on a M/M book. The plot, the characters, the angst, the ust...

I think D is one of the most compelling, complex and endearing characters I have read in a long time. I absolutely fell for him. His regrets, his motivations, his struggle, his pain; I'd read this book all over again only to get more D. My level of empathy went off the charts with him, which in consequence got me very involved in the story. And isn't that just what we want when we pick a book?

Now, Jack on the other hand... During the first half of the book, he was perfect. Really, I was in total awe at the author for writing these two complex and appealing characters and how well they collided together. But then, I have no idea what happened but, during the last half of the book Jack was unbearably annoying and got on my nerves more often than not.

In general, during the last half of the book, things got a bit weird, IMO. I don't know, it wasn't that bad because honestly, this book is fucking good. But the first half of the book is way better than the second half, and that made its flaws in the second half even more obvious.

About the sex and UST. This book was originally a Brokeback Mountain fanfiction. I never noticed, except for D's SUPER ANNOYING accent and their first time together.

But apart from that firt time, the sex scenes were very, very good. They were charged with such intensity and poignancy, they made me choke on my emotions. The intimacy between these two men nearly made me weep more than once, and it never stopped being hot.

The ending was dragged on forever, though. I honestly didn't need to read any scene after the parking lot scene, which left me happy, satisfied and ready to give this its well deserved 5 stars.

And about that, I almost gave this 4 stars because of these few flaws (D's accent, their first time, Jack during the last half of the book and the dragged on ending), but I quickly realized the goods outweighed the bads anyway, and overall I had a blast reading this so who fucking cares, right?
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30.0% ""his pinky finger until it just grazed the side of D’s hand; a tiny stroke of tentative contact. D didn’t withdraw; instead, his hand flinched a little closer. Emboldened, Jack covered D’s hand with his own; D turned his palm up and their fingers slid together, interlacing and fitting against each other like they’d been waiting for nothing else but the chance to do so." I'm late but I'm loving them sfm T___T" 4 comments
04/03/2012 "Their first times made me think of Blay 'I-am-too-angry-for-lube' and Saxton." 1 comment
04/03/2012 ""Who says I’m gay, then?” Jack arched one eyebrow. “Let’s ask my ass and see what it thinks.” Laughing like a mad woman on the bus." 7 comments
63.0% "“You guys are killing me. Both of you." " 1 comment

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Tekla So far it's being amazing. And I was so surprised!! I am very veeeeery picky when it comes to reading MM, I usually find flaws and don't like the popular books as much as my friends lol but this one? I FRIKING LOVE IT SO FAR!!! :D

Tekla nawwww I can't wait to finish it now <333

Tekla Sure!!!!! :D

Lenore This is an m/m book I enjoyed immensely as well. I loved D and Jack together.

Tekla Oh yes, when he was like "I'm gonna wait a bit more but after a while, if he's not back, I'm gonna find some random dude to fuck" I was like WAIT, WHAT? And also, his general second guesses about his feelings being or not being true... O___o

DayDreamer I never realized it was a Brokeback Mountain fanfiction.

Tekla DayDreamer wrote: "I never realized it was a Brokeback Mountain fanfiction."

It blew my mind when I found out. The only time I could tell was during their first time together.

Tekla Nallux ♥~call me V-sexual~♥ wrote: "Yes, that! But I just loved the way D sent him presents, like he knew he needed to show some signs of himself from time to time. Oh, I just love D."

I love D so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg I love fangirling about him. YES YES YES! :D

Lenore Wait, what? This was initially written as Brokeback Mountain fanfiction????

Tekla Nallux ♥~call me V-sexual~♥ wrote: "I made a shelf just for these two...stupid me :) I guess I'm hoping there'll be more of D and Jack in the future."

Have you read the short stories??

Tekla Lenore wrote: "Wait, what? This was initially written as Brokeback Mountain fanfiction????"

Apparently so! Explains D's accent, huh? lol

Lenore :O I wouldn't have guessed in a million years.
And didn't both heroes have a drawl in Brokeback Mountain? Or was it more pronounced in Heath Ledger's character?

DayDreamer Definitely more pronounced in Heath Ledger's character.
And I wouldn't have guessed either.

Tekla Yeah, one of my BFF told me. I wouldn't have guessed on my own, either. The only time I noticed something was with their first time scene, that was a bit too similar to BBM's and only because I already knew.

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