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The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
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Jan 18, 12

really liked it
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Read in January, 2012

This is book #2 in the Lords of the Underworld series. I know about everyone's fears of sequels being weaker than the first book. FYI- not weaker!

Darkest Kiss is about Lucien, Keeper of Death, and Anya, Goddess of Chaos. The Titan gods have returned to overthrow the Greeks and in the process have begun ordering the Lords to do horrible things. Aeron, Lord of Wrath, was ordered to kill four human women and the longer he does not comply he gives more control over to his demon. Now Lucien, who is a scarred being both on the inside and outside has been ordered to kill Anya. Anya is the first female in a thousand years to show interest in him and he, in her, but unless Lucien complies with the order, he has been promised that his friends would suffer for it. Beyond this, the Lords are still trying to avoid the hunters while they search for Pandora's box to destroy it.

Lucien is the acknowledged leader of the lords who is dedicated to duty and finding peace in between bouts of escorting souls to heaven, hell, or hades. He is disfigured and the last of the lords that any female should be interested in. Imagine his surprise when a beautiful female claims that she cannot get enough of him. He is suspicious and knows that she carries secrets even while he fights his attraction for her. He tries to follow Chronos' command to deal out her death, but finds that he cannot quite deliver the death blow. As his feelings grow so do the stakes in the game, now not only will his friends suffer, but so will he and Anya personally. Lucien is a courageous, loyal hero with the heart that is both strong and tender. How will he see his way through this dilemma?

Anya comes across as a shallow live-for-self goddess who leaves trouble in her wake. At first, I was not particularly impressed with her as a heroine, but then as more is revealed about her, I grew more sympathetic and sorry for her plight. She has done the best she could with the hand she was dealt just as the demon carrying lords. She does not have a demon in her, but she has an unearned curse and a gift that was turning into a curse. Anya has stood unwarranted criticism her whole life because of who her mother is. Now, she finds herself drawn to Lucien, but he cannot see past her reputation and his suspicions. Then when she would not give up her gift, Chronos ordered Lucien to kill her. She begins playing a dangerous cat and mouse game with Lucien to stay alive, to stay near him, but also to help him with his quest for the box.

The other lords are present and there are continuing side stories for Aeron, Reyes and Paris. The villainous hunters are back in force. The one you love to hate though is Chronos.

The plot has its twists and you wonder just how the main characters will work through their dilemma. The growing romance is beautiful all the more because it seems to be one of those doomed love affairs. It is also hot and spicy at times.

Overall, it was a good read and possibly even better than the first book.
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