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Beloved by Toni Morrison
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Nov 29, 2014

did not like it
bookshelves: gave-up

I read about half a dozen pages of this before I chucked it.

The description of the male servants/workers f***ing the cows because of the girl's good looks totally disgusted me.

I would never have picked it up if it weren't on the reading list for my uni class.
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message 1: by Lissa (new) - added it

Lissa I hated it, too.

Katherine Adam 'Archer' wrote: "EWWWWWWWWW"

Yep, pretty much.

Lissa, I skipped the lectures where they showed the film too; I wanted nothing to do with it.

message 3: by Lissa (new) - added it

Lissa I don't remember the film even being offered to watch so clearly I erased that from my memory as well.

Katherine All I remember from the film (seen as I deliberated over watching it at the back entrance of the lecture hall) is a scene where everything was bathed in a red light... ghost or baby's death or something. It seemed tacky.

message 5: by Lissa (new) - added it

Lissa Yeah Beloved is the dead baby. I have enough nightmares and personal issues with dead babies, I don't need to see a film about it.

Katherine I think that is a wise move! That kind of thinking is the reason I never watched Platoon - having a veteran for a dad is more than enough.

Louise Corkett What a brilliant book shelf to have Katherine! I rarely "give up" on a book and I made it through this one and while I could follow it I was continually frustrated with the timelines the mixture of writing styles and the storyline.

Katherine After reading your comment I am even more glad I tossed it aside! :)

Bradley I get tired of people mentioning the anecdote about the cows. There is more about cow f###ing in these reviews than there is in the book. Just mentioning that something occurred is not that disgusting. And btw. the poor creatures you mention, were fictional and so were not really f###ed.

Bradley Archer the One with Tsundoku wrote: "Bradley wrote: "I get tired of people mentioning the anecdote about the cows. There is more about cow f###ing in these reviews than there is in the book. Just mentioning that something occurred i..."

I didn't mean to be a troll. I just noticed a lot of one star reviews mention the one anecdote. Which doesn't quite seem fair since the book itself only mentions it in passing with no more detail than what the people who mention it in reviews use.

I appologize if I hurt anybody's feelings.

Katherine As that incident is what clinched the deal for me in deciding not to read the book, I think it is fair enough to mention it. I haven't read any other reviews to do with this book and so was unaware of how often this incident is mentioned. However, the fact it does get mentioned with such regularity surely points to the fact that people are turned off by it. Personally, it frustrates me when authors feel the need to include such stuff in their fiction. Surely there are better ways to describe the effect someone's 'beauty' has on others.

Bradley FWIW the whole "bestiality" episode is mentioned, and never described in any detail, only to highlight that when the main character was at sweet home, the men did not pressure her for sex, they just "used" the cows to "relieve" themselves and their frustration. Ironically, in its way, it is used to relate a sort of chastity on the part of the cow f#&%ers. It was a disturbing choice on the author's part, and I can see why you would be leary of reading further, but it's never explored to any degree. Overall I enjoyed the book. And I honestly hope I did not offend you or anyone else.

Katherine I just wonder, why couldn't the author have just aluded to the men having to take care of themselves, so to speak. I personally would have found a reference to masturbation less 'put-offing' than the reference to bestiality. That seems a bit extreme, and it is that - rather than the actual incident - that put me off the book. It made me wary and distrustful of the author. I am fairly careful with what I read and my thoughts were "if it starts out with something like this, what else am I going to come across". I understand what the author was attempting to do, but in my case that backfired. What I really don't understand though is why, out of all the reviews of this book, you chose this one to comment on. That is what has surprised me the most.

Katherine I should add though, that I have not been offended :-)

Bradley I agree with you on the masturbation thing. Why would anyone choose an animal over their own hands. And the author should have known it would put people off.
As for the why this review. Earlier I had read a number of peoples' reviews of the book that mentioned the incidence. Now that I think about it, many of these reviews might have been on Amazon, actually. And I responded to the first review I saw that mentioned it. Stupid of me, I admit, and not what you deserved. I am glad that you were not offended.

Katherine Oh I see, thank you for explaining, I really appreciate that. I think it turned into a fairly good discussion so I am happy :-)

Chante Reid That's what got you, uneducated, uninformed SLAVES not workers/servants as you so kindly put it attempting to discover sexuality in a world that has told them they are animals?
That's what disgusted you?
Not the mentions of white men raping slave women? forcing them to discard their children?
The hangings?
The beating that permanently opened a woman's back described by the protagonist in the first 15 pages?
Wait.. What about the chain gang?
The psychological suffering?
No? Just the poor cows right?

Katherine As I said, I only read a few pages. Because of this I didn't get to those incidents. Had I done so, do you not think I would have disliked them just as much? Or do you think this is just about cows?!

Karen Well it's not about male servants either.

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