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The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett
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Jan 18, 2012

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When it comes to Discworld books, I'm not normally much of a Rincewind fan. I find him bland; not unimaginative, because the concept of a character who is so outrageously cowardly that he is in fact often mistaken for a hero strikes my funny bone.

However, the other characters who appear in Rincewind books can often be quite entertaining. While The Last Continent doesn't have Cohen the Barbarian (one of my favorite Discworld characters), it does have the staff of Unseen University, and Ponder Stibbons improves the quality of just about any Discworld book.

Despite in theory staring one of my least favorite characters, this book entertained me. I don't consider it one of the stronger Discworld books, but it brought a number of smiles and a few laughs. The Wizards are so amusingly outrageous that it's hard not to be entertained, and though their activities in this book are just as fanciful as in any other, they provided most of the life of the book.

The plot revolves around Rincewind being sent to the continent of Ecksecksecksecks (or Fourecks; XXXX), which is not-in-any-way-a-reference-to-Australia. Fourecks has never known rain; people there think it is a myth. But Rincewind is fortold to save the people and return water to their arid lands. Naturally enough, Rincewind wants no part of this.

Meanwhile, the Wizards at Unseen University are struggling mightily to cure the Librarian of a mysterious sickness. In search of someone who remembers the Librarian's name (so they can do magic on him) they suspect that Rincewind is the only person who remembers the Librarian before he was turned into an orangutang. Unfortunately for them, they'd sent (banished) Rincewind to Fourecks. And when they go to find him, the Wizards get a little...lost. Hilarity ensues.

For the Rincewind fan, this book offers more of the usual fare; Rincewind saving the day while trying desperately to have nothing to do with the large events which just happen to be transpiring where and when Rincewind passes through.

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