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Switched by Amanda Hocking
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Jan 17, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read from January 17 to February 05, 2012

The story was unique, I'll say that. Trolls? Haven't read anything about trolls before. Especially beautiful trolls. Might as well have just had a society of mutants (X-Men anyone?) because really, they were just humans with special powers. Anyway...

The beginning of the book needed work. The protagonist, Wendy Everly, has special abilities because she's a troll. She has persuasion, which is the ability to influence people's thoughts. She goes on and on about how guilty she feels when she uses this ability, but she uses it on everyone ALL THE TIME. And then she starts noticing Finn around school. He's creepy, he reminds her of a stalker, and then bam! She's in love with him. Yes, the beginning needed work. Too fast, nothing was developed, especially not the relationship with Finn (which made it seemed forced later on in the book) and especially not with the big reveal that she's a troll princess. Sure, she feels like an outsider that no one understands, and so of course when said stalker-ish hot guy tells her she's a troll? Oh, of course that must be the answer! Just not believable enough.

The book gets a lot better once Wendy gets to Foerning, the troll town in Minnesota. I just reread that last sentence, and it sounds ridiculous, but it's true. The pacing is much better and the character development is much better. Though the chemistry between Finn and Wendy just wasn't there for me. I saw much more chemistry potential between her and Tove or Rhys. But anyhoo...

The biggest thing that bugged me about this section? She never uses persuasion. She was practically a persuasion-aholic in the beginning of the book, but once she gets to Foerning and she REALLY needs to use it, she never does. Especially the big to-do at the end. She just lets everyone else save her. Bugged. Big time.

I will be reading the sequels because the story was good, I enjoyed it. But the execution left something to be desired. But I'm hoping as Hocking got into the story and more into her characters, some of these issues will be resolved.

Clean factor: language, sensuality (nothing graphic), mild violence


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