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Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin
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Jan 17, 2012

did not like it
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Read from January 17 to 20, 2012

Honestly, I wouldn't give this one even 1 star if I didn't have to. I really, really couldn't stand this book. I had such a strong reaction to it - I can't wait to finish writing this so I don't ever have to think about it again. Friends of mine, don't bother with it. Especially if you appreciate your significant other for all their worth, or even if you're single because you'd despise the carelessness with which main character Ellen deals with her basically perfect husband. The plot was no bigger than this: Meet Ellen, who's married to her BFF's brother, Andy. Andy is very wealthy, but doesn't flaunt it and is modest. He's gorgeous, but doesn't have an ego. He's a well respected lawyer, but is not an asshole. His family is in Atlanta, but lives in NYC for Ellen. He's doting, loving, and an all around nice guy. But all of a sudden Ellen sees her ex, Leo, on the street (Leo, who she hasn't seen in SEVEN years and made her feel awful all the time, had no ambition, and was an all around jerkoff) and suddenly that's who she wants. ???????!!! And from then on (yes, I'm spoiling.) her and Andy move to Atlanta (she does not protest) as Ellen does photog work with LEO, holds hands with LEO, kisses LEO and when Andy finds out about this, she jets off to NYC to see him and not until a call from her SISTER does she have "an epiphany". No joke. She says she has a freaking epiphany. !#!@#?? And then Andy comes all the way to NYC to find her and they live happily freaking ever after. No Bueno. Andy, you are way too good for Ellen. I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of these big cheating scandals in books. Especially when the victim doesn't deserve it. Because lets be honest, they NEVER do. Gotta lay in the bed you made, that's all I have to say. Especially when you're laying in a fancy schmancy Atlanta estate bed. And not a nasty dirty one in Astoria. I am so happy I'm through with this one and didn't take it to Florida with me.
I liked Giffin's previous three books and recommend them. But I am SO over all this cheating stuff. It's not entertaining to me in the least. Friends, skip this one. Don't even consider it! I'll almost beg you. Sorry Giffin, I may be truly biased (I'm a fan of happy relationships..) but this one was certainly not my cup of tea, as if you couldn't tell. Better luck next time!

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01/17/2012 page 40
12.0% "Meh. I don't know about this one. Basically, it's all about a girl who has her dream guy - awesome all around but she's walking down the street and sees her ex boyfriend who was awful to her and suddenly she thinks "some feelings didn't go away". Dislike! Why do the good guys always get screwed?"
01/18/2012 page 97
28.0% "Still not sure how I feel about this one. It's REALLY bothering me how this main girl, Ellie, spent a whole chapter talking about how bad her ex was for her, yet still is "thinking about him". And the proceeds to discuss how absolutely stinking perfect her husband is. He's wealthy but modest, attractive yet sensitive, and loves all of her crazy quirks? If she screws this up, I really might get upset! What the heck."

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