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A Million Suns by Beth Revis
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Jan 18, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: whiny-annoying-blah-heroine, boring-crap-hero
Read from January 17 to 18, 2012

2.5 stars
Amy and Elder are adjusting to their new lives onboard Godspeed. With the death of Eldest, Elder has now taken the reigns and assumed leadership. Elder's decision to stop using Phydus - the drug that calms people down and makes them subservient - has awoken the people onborad on Godspeed. People have stopped working, resources are running low, there's violence, death and chaos. Elder spends much of his time trying to maintain order, keep the peace and diminish the flames of rebellion.
Amy is struggling to some to terms with her new life on the ship, the loss of her parents and Elder's betrayl. She is still treated with contempt and dislike by her fellow passengers. Orion has left Amy clues about why he did what he did in the first book. Amy's attempts to solve Orion's riddles leads to an astonishing discovery - I was quite suprised to find out the truth.
A Million Suns has a great premise and the mysteries about the origins of the Eldest system, the inception and use of Phydus, Orion's 'death' and Godspeed's engine and whearabouts is what kept me engrossed. The protagonists however failed to capture me, Amy and Elder's characters let down the story. Elder did not come across as the natural born leader he was designed to be - he was nervous, whiny and when he didn't get his way, he lost his temper and shouted until he was heard.. making him difficult to like. Amy was no better - she ran away when things got tough, she was petulant and self pitying for much of the book. Her hatred for Orion and her desire for him to die at the end made no sense - she hated him because he killed people and hid the truth but when she finds out someone else did the same thing she can't bring herself to kill that person but yet she's more than willing to destroy Orion. I don't know what Amy and Elder saw in each other..after Elder's betrayl in the first book..it's hard to understand Amy's sudden turn around on the whole thing. Amy and Elders voices were difficult to distinguish.. they both read like the same person for the most part.
The repetitive slang that was used - frex, frexing, brilly, chutz and loons - was awkward and annoying.
I am looking forward to the next book, even though I'm not fond of Amy and Elder.. I'm excited to find out what awaits them.
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message 1: by Hannah-Linn (new) - added it

Hannah-Linn ...I know I'd be shouting until I was heard if there was a ship full of almost two thousand people that won't listen and start killing and beating each other up.

Ferdy Yea most people would shout if no-one listens.. but what I personally thinks makes a good leader is not someone shouting or screaming when their not heard no matter what the circumstances are, but someone who can keep their cool, talk calmly, rationally and command everyone's attention without shouting over anyone else because they've earnt people's respect, admiration and faith.. Not everyone will agree with me but that's my opinion:)

message 3: by Hannah-Linn (new) - added it

Hannah-Linn And I respect opinions :) Honestly I felt bad for Elder. It's like, I wanted people to listen to him, then I was happy he yelled at people. Then I kept thinking that he wasn't acting like a good ruler at all, then I felt even worse because I love Elder even though he's just trying to figure things out as the youngest person (and the ruler) on Godspeed.

Ferdy Yea I felt bad for him too because he suddenly had to look after all the people on Godspeed.. I was just expecting him to step up more..maybe in the next book he'll be more comfortable in his role.

message 5: by Hannah-Linn (new) - added it

Hannah-Linn I hope so. I hope when they unfreeze all the cryo-people that he'll stay as a leader. Or that he won't just chicken out when they land on earth.

Corona I have the same exact sentiments!

Ferdy Corona wrote: "I have the same exact sentiments!"

Glad someone else felt the same way :)

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