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Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz
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Jan 18, 2012

it was ok
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Recommended for: People who only read Scorpia's part of the book.
Read from January 17 to 18, 2012 — I own a copy

The first thing I said when I finished "Scorpia Rising" was "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!??!", then I raged for a little while and then I went to bed. But lets start with the beginning.

I was thrilled when I found out that the last Alex Rider book was going to be about Scorpia. "Scorpia" was always my favourite Alex Rider book (they're such BAMFS!) and I was sure that Alex was going to go out with a bang. And for a while it actually looked like he was going to do exactly that.

"Scorpia Rising" is separated into two parts, the first 100 pages are from Scorpia's POV and the last 300 are from Alex's. The first 100 pages from Scorpia's POV are AWESOME and made me think that "Scorpia Rising" was going to be the best book of the entire series. It was just so good! It seemed like Anthony had finally made a worthy villain that wouldn't make stupid mistakes or underestimate Alex and the plot seemed so intricate and carefully planned. It was addicting. Alex's POV.. Hmm, the middle of the book was really good too. I liked it a lot. The last 150 pages or so though.. just fucking rip my eyes out. It was awful.

First of all, killing of Jack Starbright, Anthony? REALLY!? What the fuck. As I've said before the Alex Rider books are more about the plot than the characters but that doesn't mean I don't care about the characters. Jack Starbright is one of my favourites in the series. I wouldn't mind her being killed off if it had meant that Alex truly accepted his life as a spy once and for all, but the way she was killed off was just fucking annoying. It was like Anthony Horowitz was trying to be J.K. Rowling, a writer who actually masters the art of killing off characters, and he fucking failed. (I think he's quite a "Harry Potter" fanboy - there's references to HP throughout the entire series.)

My biggest problem with "Scorpia Rising" though was that it ended from the POV of Sabina's motherfucking Dad. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? How could you even think that was remotely okay, Anthony? I've "known" Alex for about 7 years now and stuck with him through 9 books, he's the fucking main character, and you end with the POV from a minor character who I couldn't give a single fuck about!? That's pretty awful. Also, I can't believe Alex ended up with Sabina. I hate that whore. Biggest Mary Sue ever.

Another thing that really bothered me was how Anthony treated Mr. Blunt. I've always had a slightly weak spot for him and liked him, but "Scorpia Rising" made me loathe him. UGH. JUST UGH.

I don't think I ever been this dissatisfied with the ending of a series ever. Thank God I'm not a hardcore fan like I was in my early teens because then I would have been heartbroken.
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Samrudhi Sridharan I AGREE! Her death was just in the book for the convenience of the plot! He can't expect us to believe that after 8 missions Alex is just going to accept the fact that it is that easy to escape from a fort, without any warning signs going off in his head!

UH. I was so mad.

Juliet Totally! I definitely won't get into a Horowitz series again - too painful :(

Samrudhi Sridharan He is writing a new one! Apparently that is the reason why he decided to end the Alex Rider series (IN THE MOST HORRIBLE WAY POSSIBLE)

message 4: by Dru (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dru I like your review, except I am confused about your JKR comment. She is one of the worst writer's out there and is especially good at uselessly inserting a character kill. If anything, Anthony Horowitz was trying to be like JKR and *succeeded*!

Conner This is a spoiler review, you need to put an alert.

Juliet Whatever.

Conner Oh sorry, is adding a spoiler warning above your internet skill level? If so you should probably avoid writing these "reviews" that will ruin the book for those who haven't read it yet :]

Juliet Ooooh, sick burn, dude! Really, you have me crying here.

I have no intention of edting a 2 year old review after being asked rudely to do so. Fuck off.

Conner Ok I'm sorry. The passive-aggressive smiley face was too much.

Juliet It was. It's okay though. I was sort of a bitch.

Conner but seriously you should use them so you don't give away the ending to more people. you can hide the whole review by clicked the box or hide sections by typing "(view spoiler)

Conner Well that didn't work. And it's ok I forgive you.

Juliet Lol, I'm watching "Orphan Black" and got distracted, sorry that it took me all of a minute more to reply. :) But yeah, I'll add the spoiler thingy when I get a chance, sorry for ruining it for you.

Conner It's fine, yours isn't the only review that said what happened without the spoiler tags. I was going on a bit of a rampage, hah.

Juliet I noticed, lol.

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