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Time Gangsters by Berin L. Stephens
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Jan 16, 12

bookshelves: american, adventure, family, friendship, murder, mystery, new-york, treasure, stolen, time-travel
Read in January, 2012

By Berin L Stephens
Cousins Billy Fairbanks and Danny Shanks are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Gangsters from the 1920s are searching their homes for hidden treasure. But what seemed like a strange dream is in fact reality!

When Billy and Danny examine a hole that they find in her bedroom wall they discover a metal box with four gold coins inside it. The cousins then bury their find in Danny’s backyard. But after Billy returns to his home the gangster that entered his room the night before takes him at gun point and takes him back to 1927 New York City in his Model T Ford!

Meanwhile Danny is also captured by the gangster that was in her room the night before. As Danny struggles against her captor her mother gets home and sees Danny and the gangster vanish before her eyes!

Billy’s captor is actually FBI Agent Ned Elliot and he is after the Carnassi Gang. The Carnassi Gang are trying to change history by getting control of mysterious coins that were stolen from the tomb of King Tut! Agent Elliot asks Billy for his help because the gang has entered Billy’s time to look for the coins.

Danny has been captured by the Carnassi Gang and they want to get the truth from her at any cost – even torture! Danny lies and says her name is Ruth, but when Carnassi asks her where she hid the coins she is so frightened she can’t answer. Danny is stuck in 1927 because the gang put an anchor coin on her to keep from being thrown back into her time.

When Billy is thrown back to his time he goes to the house of Wheezy, who besides being his best friend was the person most likely to believe him. He shows Wheezy pictures he took of the coins. Wheezy then sends an email to a professor he knows in Egypt to get them translated.

Danny escapes because the Egyptian that the Carnassi gang has been torturing tells her the word to unlock the anchor holding her. Danny wastes no time going back to her time, unfortunately Zoot follows her but after several minutes he is thrown back to his time before he can recapture Danny.

When Billy gets home his mom tells him that Danny has been kidnapped and a Detective West wants to speak to him. Billy manages to unbury the coins and hide them in a shed at his house. But when Danny shows up at her home she tells Detective West about the coins. Detective West then takes the coins into police custody.

The next day Agent Ned Elliot shows up and asks why Billy gave the coins to the Carnassi Gang, but Billy can’t figure out what happened as the police have the coins. Suddenly Billy, Wheezy, and Danny begin to fade out. Agent Elliot orders them into his car so that they won’t be erased from time! When they reappear they are in 1927 and use the time anchor coins to hold them there.

But the Carnassi gang knows they are there so they must escape, but Agent Elliot is shot! Billy heads one way and Danny and Wheezy another. But Wheezy get captured by the gang so Danny is alone and must head to a location Agent Elliot told them about Club Velocity and looks for Sticks Agent Elliot’s inside man in the Carnassi Gang.

Billy goes back to his time but everything is different. Most of Plains, Colorado is now a ghost town and the houses he and Danny live in were never built! And the Carnassi family has ruled the United States for three generations – all because they got the coins!

When the time coin finally lets Billy go back to 1927, he is captured by the Carnassi Gang who are also holding Danny and Wheezy! Sticks manages to free all three of them. Soon they are in a battle for control of the coins with the Carnassi gang. As they battle the various powers of the coins will they live to see another day?

Who will be the victor in this battle for the future? Read TIME GANGSTERS to find out!

I received a digital reviewers copy of this title for reviewing purposes from the publisher. A favorable review was not required.
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