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Other Waters by Eleni N. Gage
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Jun 07, 12

Other Waters is a light, chick-lit-y novel but with more depth than I expected. I really liked the immersion into Indian-American culture as I got to know Maya and her family, even if all of the stereotypes didn't quite ring true. I appreciated the honesty with which some of her romantic relationships played out - I was afraid for a while that I could predict her relationship status at the end of the book, but I was glad to be surprised there, and pleased that the author didn't take the obvious road to wrap things up.

I wish that Other Waters had either delved into the mystical or thoroughly explained it away, but instead, it skirted the line between encouraging the reader to believe that the curse was true and that it was just a run of bad luck. Perhaps it doesn't matter either way, as Maya's reaction to it is really the focus of the book, but it left some things untidily hanging for me - if the curse isn't true, then am I not supposed to believe the family astrologer? How can Maya pick and choose which elements to believe in and which to discard? Of course, in reality, that's exactly what many of us do, so perhaps I shouldn't be annoyed to see this in fiction. :)

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