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What Legends Are Made of by Heather Beck
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Jan 16, 2012

really liked it

Have you ever told ghost stories around a campfire late at night? Heard spooky sounds and unexplained events happened? WHAT LEGENDS ARE MADE OF is a compilation of four short stories with a phenomenal twist. Make sure to have your roasted marshmallows nearby.

The first story in the collection is Sir Tristan's Estate. Skye Huntington is a photographer for America's Amazing Architects magazine. She's been sent on assignment to Sir Tristan's Estate. When she arrives,she finds the estate closed due to a recent find. A birth certificate has been found for a Miss Kathleen Tristan. No one knows who she was, but her line would now be the direct descendant of the Estate. A mystery ensues, including a ghost with a personality disorder. Full of suspense and dark humor, this short story is a riot.

Next in a story titled Blue Water. Mandy is a tourist guide for one of Hawaii's best hotels. She's madly in love with a wealthy young man named Ed but believes herself beneath his rank. When Ed asks Mandy on a date, she is overjoyed! However, on their date Mandy falls overboard. She struggles in the water for a few moments until Ed pulls her out. However, a merman flops onto the deck moments after Mandy. The merman has stopped breathing so Mandy does CPR until it seems the merman is coming around. Another short story that will have your mind twisting with what you thought you knew about mermaids and merman. Uniqueness and romance all rolled into one.

Third in this collection is Freaky Frank. Brittany Addams has a summer job at a carnival operating the educational movie theater. She has a crush on the handsome freak show owner Frank. When Brittany is attacked with unwanted advances from her trainer, Frank comes to her rescue. His rescue only endears him to her more, and she is in awe when he shows her his freak show. Full of mystical creatures and romance, this short story is charming.

Lastly is the One Stop Horror Shop. Max and Karyn Shield has always wanted to own a magic shop. One day Max decides it time for them to go for their dream, so they open up Shield's Costume and Magic Shop. They find a skeleton in the closet in the shop, which they decide must be fake, and they immediately name it Boney. They dress up Boney for their book display, even including a book in Boney's skeletal hands. Boney wreaks havoc in the shop and bad things begin to happen. Spine-chilling and witty, you won't want to read this short story too late at night.

WHAT LEGENDS ARE MADE OF is an adrenaline fueled ride that will have you laughing as well as your eyes growing large in your face. Full of mystery, romance and comedy, I had a blast reading through these four short stories.

*Courtesy of Romance Junkies

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