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Zone One by Colson Whitehead
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I started this book and got halfway through. Maybe someday I'll finish it, but to me, it was like trying to have a discussion with a 12-year-old who has severe Attention-Deficit-Hey-Look-There's-A-Squirrel-Disorder. And they're unmedicated. And they just drank a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. After eating a bag of Halloween candy.

My major complaint is that there is no focus to this novel. It's just so many words on a page. If the author weren't so obsessed with using the entire SAT vocabulary list, he might have been able to make it more cohesive. As it stands, it's a bunch of flashbacks that have no particular order. Sometimes, I couldn't even tell if I was reading about a flashback or about the present. Even more crazy was the flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks. Gah!

I also had trouble discerning a plot, if there was one. Was it about a guy trying to get over Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? A guy trying to figure out his place in life? A world that's gone to chaos and misery?

So - no rating since I didn't finish it, although at best it would get 2.5 stars. Maybe more if I ever get through with it.

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