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Tight End by Anitra Lynn McLeod
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Tight End is the third addition to the Gridiron Gods series and it picks up where the last book left off. This was a fast paced read that had me captivated until the very end. The whole concept of a shifter who can only shift with their mate to make one animal is interesting to me. The shifter aspect and the tender love story between the main characters had me under the Gridiron Gods magical spell.

Ryan is the tight end for the Grizzlies and we soon learn that he likes sex and a healthy dose of dirty talk while engaging in it. Ryan is a narratophiliac - he loves dirty talk and it turns him on. This is a new word to my vocabulary but the definition became quite obvious in the first few pages. Ryan is coming to terms with the need to find that one special person. He feels the pull of something bigger than himself but has no clue as to the why of it. When he gets a call from a mysterious man named Phillip he starts to think maybe he's found the one man that will dominate him perfectly in the bedroom.

Phillip is an older man who is smitten with the Grizzly’s tight end. Phillip knows about the Gridiron Gods and longs to have that connection with his sloth and his mate. It was quite heartbreaking to learn Phillip’s back story. The pain he has endured for the past thirty-five years was extremely saddening. This a wealthy man who would do anything to have the special bond with another man, a man he can fall in love with. I admired this character's ability to go after what he wanted and protect what he holds dear. Everyone should have a soul mate like Phillip.

Phillip’s overprotective nature pushes Ryan to stand firm on his beliefs. Losing someone special to him has Phillip on guard to protect Ryan but Ryan doesn’t fully understand and makes it clear he doesn’t need to be coddled like a small child. This is what puts the conflict in motion and had my heart pounding to get to the resolution as soon as possible.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Ryan and Phillip. Where Phillip is prim and proper, Ryan is a headstrong says-what-he-thinks kind of guy. It made for some good laughs. Every sexual interlude they share is packed full of dirty talk that is written in a very descriptive manner. Tight End is the definition of erotic romance. Ms. McLeod painted a picture so vividly I felt like I was a spectator in Ryan and Phillip's lives and bedroom.

This series is getting better with every new installment. Tight End isn’t a long read and could be read within one night. Quite honestly, once you start it, it might be hard to put down. If you’re a fan of this series we get some answers to questions that have lingered from the previous books.

I wholeheartedly recommend adding this book to your reading list!


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