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Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr
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Jan 16, 2012

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Ok, I spoke too soon on my review of book 3. I really do enjoy when there are multiple plot lines running through a story. Especially when it's a series. I like to get all the other characters involved in more than just a passing glance. I stop enjoying it as much when the last 100 pages aren't focused on the primary characters of the book. Don't get me wrong... this book had me laughing and crying and I enjoyed it. My problem is that the Paul and Vanessa story line wrapped up rather quickly. The drama with those two happens more in the beginning and middle of the book and the climax of the story is around previous characters. I just wish Carr had book-ended the story a bit better. I liked all the pieces, but not the order they were put in. Some authors choose to do this as their series get further along, but I'm just not partial to it. I like the nice balance of a clear cut primary story with a good solid supporting cast, but I felt like I was reading what could have been 2 different books, plus 2 novellas. This isn't going to keep me from reading the series, but I'd like one clear book, with a little novella thrown in to keep all the characters I've fallen in love with involved.

I really wanted to give this book 4 stars. The Paul/Vanessa plot doesn't deserve it, but Mel and Jack's part of this book was a solid 5. I wish P/V had a stronger plot line, and that their friend's story had been saved for their own book. P/V and the General's side story could have held it's own for something mediocre, but throwing Mel and Jack's drama in the mix salvaged the entire book. Although, they could have had another book of their own from all the chaos surrounding them. I honestly wouldn't have minded that. I understand why the author did it though. We got so much of the P/V story in the third book that it's difficult to push that into 300+ more pages without it getting boring, but neither of them were ever in enough danger for me to panic about them. What happened between Paige and her husband, reading about Brie in the beginning of her story...that stuff was heart breaking. Reading about what Vanessa goes through is heartbreaking as well, but that wasn't in this book. I don't think poor Vanessa could handle much more and I like P and V, but neither of them managed to touch my heart this time around and they should have. Mel and Jack had my heart twisted in knots. That needs to be balanced a bit more.

On a different note, this is why I moved away from California. Being surrounded on all sides by fires is not fun. Other natural disasters suck, but at least you don't have to spend days/weeks watching and waiting. They come, destroy, you try and pick up the pieces. It's the waiting...having your stomach in knots, not knowing if the fire is going to get your house, if you'll be able to get out, or if the winds will shift and you'll be trapped. I hate for anyone to have to go through that. This is why I refused to let my husband move me to Florida. I'd evacuate every time there was a tropical storm even remotely nearby. Although, at least there's frequently more warning with a hurricane.
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ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ You might like my review of it as well. Good but with problems.

Melissa Mitchell I've read a lot of people not enjoying the multiple character arcs though this series, but I have to say, I love it. I have spent the last year reading countless series based around small towns/families {Sullivan/With Me/Kowalski/Fool's Gold/Lucky Harbor etc} and my 'beef' with them is that I hate couples basically disappearing after their book and not really seeing much more of them in the next books in the series.

Heather T I don't mind them coming back at all. My issue is that the primary plot has to be strong enough to support secondary plots. The main characters need to be able to hold the book on their own. The other characters need to be the icing on a really good cake.

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