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Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz
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** spoiler alert ** This sucked so bad - I got to page 35 of 162 and had to stop to go cruise some reviews to see if it was just me, and No, it wasn’t. I only started this because the 3rd volume is listed in so many best of listopia lists on Goodreads, shoulda known when the 1st book is nowhere to be found on said lists. And yowzas, is this bad.

What I’ve managed to puzzle out of the plot so far: A terrified escaped sex slave on the run from his master and master’s goons in some Texas city with no ID, money, or friends, uses some kind of quasi-supernatural mental powers to con men in gay clubs into taking him home, trading his body for a place to stay. Instead of finding the usual suspects on the evening in question, our psycho - sorry, psychic twink realizes that his soul mate is in the club, and propositions the guy, they go back to the guys house, fuck like bunnies, have some sort of mental mind meld that the non-psycho - sorry, psychic - guy doesn’t question, and he goes to work the next day, telling the twink that he can stay in the apartment, and that he’ll take care of him. He calls the twink from work, twink talks him into phone sex, guy’s homophobe boss walks in on him wanking it in his cube, and fires him. Guy goes home to the twink, and they fuck like bunnies. Oh, and tell each other how much in love they are.

Huh? There’s so much wrong with the world building I don’t quite know where to start. The paranormal aspects are wonky and ill explained, the real world stuff, like don’t give a stranger the run of your place after you leave for work unless you want everything you own stolen, don’t jerk off in your work cubical, all that is like some kind of parallel universe. And the sex isn’t even good. There’s all sorts of florid purple prose, “backdoor”, “portal”, “the hot velvet of Sammi’s tight tunnel”, “the cleft between Sammi’s globes” etc.

So thanks to Goodreads, and some honest peeps on there, I know that it only gets worse from here. I’m still considering skimming through the rest of this drek to get the backstory for the next book, but I’ll have to be pretty bored when I do.
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