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The Welcome Home Garden Club by Lori Wilde
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Jan 15, 12

Book 4 in the Twilight Texas series finds Caitlyn Marsh raising her son in the small community of Twilight, Texas after her husband is killed in a freak accident. Not to fear though, because the members of the local garden club rally around her in support. That is until Local bad boy turned local war hero Gideon Garza returns from the war a scarred man.
Caitlyn Marsh has found strength from her friends and fellow members of the local garden club in her hometown after her husband is killed by a lightning bolt while working on the roof of his house. Caitlyn knows that it will be rough raising a boy without a father figure around, but knows she will have to be the mother and the father to him from now on, that is until her childhood sweetheart and local bad boy Gideon Garza comes back to town after the war. Why did he mysteriously leave town all those years ago just when their relationship was taking off and why was he back?
Gideon Garza knew that he was never good enough for the daughter of the mayor, but they were in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He should have known it would never had lasted, not with her father always around. Just when he and Caitlyn solidify their plans of running away together, her father sends him packing and into the front lines of the war in Iraq. Returning to town years later, Gideon discovers Caitlyn again with a son that looks exactly like him. How could the people in town think this was not is child? He knows one thing is for sure, Caitlyn is going to have a heck of a time explaining why she never told him he had a son.
The Welcome Home Garden Club is a sweet read. The town of Twilight feels cozy, the characters were endearing and the love between Gideon and Caitlyn is down to earth. 5 stars

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