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Wayward Son by Tom Pollack
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Jan 15, 2012

it was ok

I get really frustrated with a book when the synopsis strays far from the contents. I go in expecting one thing and I get another. Sometimes that frustration can be alleviated with excellent story telling. Sometimes I get a tale so far removed from what was promised I almost give up and stop reading. This story about a "legendary Biblical killer" proved to be the latter.

It was not ALL bad, though; the passages surrounding Amanda James, the archaeologist called on to investigate a pair of mysterious bronze doors found underground near Mt. Vesuvius were exciting, interesting and drew me into the story. She is a strong woman and very clever. When she enters the secret chamber behind the doors she experiences the "Biblical killer's" life. I don't want to give it all away in a review. My problem with the book was that 80% of it focused on the immortal wanderings of the killer. I started to feel immortal, OY! I feel it could have been condensed without harming the story. I was about to give up several times but held on. (I mean at one point the killer was jailed for 150 years. REALLY?! Did we have to relive them?)

Once the story was brought back into the present it was again very enjoyable. The book is a first in a series and while I would love to know what is going to happen I fear another long winded book. The book is targeted towards a young adult audience and perhaps the history told through the eyes of the "killer" would be an excellent tutorial in the high (and low) points of civilization. Being a student of history (my degree is history) perhaps it was just too much of a repeat for me.

Hopefully the subsequent volumes will tighten up and the focus will be on the war between good and evil; always a good fight to be sure.

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