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Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton
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Jan 15, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in September, 2011

Judged by cover: Simple and Lovely

Do you know what is on this cover? Well, There is a Gate, the title, and a tree. do I like the cover of this novel? Of course I do! This is just absolutely wonderful, with the simplicity, and yet the eeriness of not knowing what to expect because the cover is just a gate and a tree! This is a great cover and exactly what i look for when wondering aimlessly through bookstores! Simple, Clear, and absolutely Lovely.

What's Up?

Ari is an abnormal teen, With her silver hair and striking blue eyes that could lure just about anyone in, but her life is about to change forever. She has just found out that her birth mother committed suicide in a state now known as new 2, which is the re-built version of a hurricane stricken New Orleans. She is absolutely shocked when she finds this news about her mother that she travels to the mental hospital that her mother had been staying in. After all of the drama that had occurred she met a child named Crank after her visit to the hospital. Crank offered to let her stay in a house with her and her roommates and Ari kindly accepts. Once she arrives she realizes that these people are anything but normal. She will soon realize that she is not normal in anyway possible...and that she may share her mothers fate.


Well let's think about this situation shall we? Your walking around the town one day and you see a teenage girl with long silver hair and piercing blue eyes. I mean I think it would be pretty awesome being born with such a stunning appearance but then again, I was not born that way so I wouldn't know. Ari seems like she is a nice person, but she's a little wishy-washy. At one point she's taking down a guy who's about to murder her, and then she's passing out from an emotional break down. She also cursed a little too much for my liking, but that may just be a pet peeve of my own. But I think all flaws aside, Ari and I would be pretty good friends, so yes, I would give her the time of day.


Sebastian, When I hear this name i automatically think of one thing: the little crab from the little mermaid. Now don't get me wrong, the Sebastian in this book was absolutely gorgeous. With his dark looks and Mysterious attitude...and the fact that he's a vampire...He's every girl's dream! Except I just can't get over his name...I only wish it would have been something else than maybe, just maybe, he would have had an 8. I will not give him a 9 or 10 though just because of some events from later in the story that you will have to read to find out about!

Bonus Features: Scary Kids

There was a little girl in this novel who was like one of my favorite characters. Her name was Violet and she had fangs, always wore a mask, and had a pet lizard. she also didn't judge people ever unless they were mean. I absolutely loved the fact that she hissed at people and bit them when she didn't like them. Scary Kids are always fun.

Greek Mythology

When I read that fan's of Percy Jackson should read this novel, I read the back and had no idea why. but it turns out that the main antagonist in the story is Athena. The Greek goddess of war. Go figure!

Family Curses

Well for one thing it explains the suicide of her mother. and it just makes the story more fun to read.

Final Flavor: Fast Food

I liked this novel and everything that people said about it (for fans of the Percy Jackson series and Maximum Ride) was true. I really enjoyed the balance between the fast paced action scenes, and the romance. I loved the fact that everyone thought that they were freaks and that they all ended up banning together because that's something that I love to read about. They fact that they ended up mixing in Greek Mythology without me knowing also came as an awesome surprise that really make me happy when i finally got to that part in the novel. over all, I think that this was a great novel. i said that the final flavor was like fast food for two reasons, one it actually was like fast food, Once you try it, you just want to keep going back for more. the second reason being, sometimes I get writers block and have no idea what food a book relates to. I think anyone who reads this book will instantly fall in love with it and will be eagerly awaiting a sequel.


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