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Apr 07, 2012

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** This thing fairly well fell out of my pen.

Yeah, yeah, I wrote it in jail, too. No surprise there. But this is what I wrote for fun when I wasn't writing Penultimate Hustle... 600 pages in 60 days.

I really like that it embraces the Hitchhiker's Guide universe, but still retains its own flavor. Gortician was my death metal/grind band, and Gorlax is from a nerd rap friend, Rappy McRapperson. High-C is my nerd rap persona. So it was really sort of wild to see these personae take on lives of their own. O.D. DrugWar really is my little brother, he came up with that rap name when he was 10 or something, a play on O.G. Readmore.

The best part to me is the poetry. I'm pretty sure Sherman Oakes supplied it to me, because when the books called for a poem, they just more or less appeared spontaniously. This novella is basically an extended love note to my girlfriend.

I think it was just the right length, and the ending felt natural to me, as well. Students of Douglas Adams will understand the last line of the book, and it's significance, much more so than people who haven't read his HHGTTG series. The book stands alone, but is really enhanced if you've read his work.

Love you, DNA. Thanks for the help...

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Jason Z. Christie
“On Gortician, a promotion was survival. Firings were literal. You were incinerated, and your successor’s first job was sweeping your ashes up for Ned’s Atomic
Dustbin, Gortician’s recycle center.”
Jason Z. Christie, Perfect Me

Jason Z. Christie
“Got any new ways to torture and kill people?”
“Hmmm,” said the voice. “Did you try stabbing them?”
“Of course. That’s one oh one stuff.”
“With extreme prejudice.”
“Naturally, I mean, I strangle people while I’m sleeping, even.”
“All the time.”
“Hmmmm. Can we think about
Jason Z. Christie, Perfect Me

Jason Z. Christie
“Vreal filed away digital copies in triplicate, four analog copies, threw two copies away, shredded one, and finally, ate another. He was rather compulsive.”
Jason Z. Christie, Perfect Me

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