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Beg for Mercy by Shannon Dermott
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Jan 14, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: demons, angels, mythology, werewolves-and-shapeshifters
Read in January, 2012

** spoiler alert ** 2.5 stars to be honest. I was plowing through this book.

In modern YA there are some schemes that are repeating time after time, such as love triangles. This time we have a pentagon with a few additional points. For me it's deffinietly too much.

I can't count how many situations there are when she gazes into eyes of a guy and she must remind herself that YES, she already has a boyfriend whom she is falling in love with. Half of the time I wanted to shake her and quote to her V'lane from Fever series: “Accept him or kill him, MacKayla. But choose. Just f****** choose.” (adequate, since McKayla is Mercy's second name).

Going through the boys, lets see:
- Paul, a human, won't survive a simple kiss - forbidden love.
- Luke, a nephilim, half-angel, in danger of soul's damnation - forbidden love.
- Flynn, an incubus, the same species as Mercy, her future brother, as their parents are engaged to be married - forbidden love.
- Sebastian, a full demon with ability to teleport, a complete opposite of Mercy, dangerous - not the best possible love choice.
Forbidden love issues much? Please, take a bet who is her 'true love'.
Whicherver answer you chose you were right. And let me tell you that in the end all forbidden loves are sent away (because they are hurt or it's for their good, or because they occured to be liars. Stays only a heroic demon who came through hell for her - hero complex?)

As for Mercy I didn't get to like her. She has an affinity for toxic relationships of all kinds. I understand that a girl who after an kissing incident swore off men may be a little over her head with all this male attention, but it's not a good reason for treating guys like this (ex. take Brent and how she uses him). What's more a relationship with her mother (yep, she knows her father only from a photo). Everything was OK for a long time and just around the time Mercy starts having lust issues her mother cuts her off completly, refuses to answer her questions and reveals a relationship which was developing for the last few months culminating in engagement dinnner.
Mercy spends a lot of time self-pitying. She's blind to what happens around her, very self-centred. She can't value well people's actions and lacks a long-term perspective. When everyone starts to protect her she gets exasperated. She's childlish in her behaviour, stupidly brave in one moment to be frozen in place in another. She lacks a self-control or a consequence in her actions. She wants something and yet she is afraid to take a risk. And although she's using big words she deffinetly isn't the brightest star. I understand a succubus issue - but a succubus didn't create her character.

Created word is original, imaginitive and full of possibilities. And storyline has something to itself. I just didn't like a heroine and she destroyed it for me.
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