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BIG for Christmas by Francine Pascal
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Jan 14, 2012

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Read in December, 2011

First of all, don't we love that this is called BIG for Christmas? I mean, that's very technically it's name--BIG.

Okay, so I read this during my Christmas 2011 break, right after reading The Magic Christmas. Nothing can really top The Magic Christmas, so I already knew this wouldn't be as good, and that's fine. We still have some magic, though...

Okay, so the girls and their brother are invited to a party for both the middle schoolers and the high schoolers. The girls can't wait to wear cool clothes (OMG, Mrs. Wakefield wants Elizabeth to wear a PINAFORE. I die.) and dance with a fun, sweet boy they've just met through their brother Steven. Steven, worried that his sisters will act like immature jerks and embarrass him, pulls a total dick move and tells his parents how rowdy the party will be with all of the high school boys. The Wakefield parents decide at the last minute that the girls can't go, yaddayadda, there's a magical circus in town, you're reminded of the movie Big, poof! They turn into twenty-something adults! They have to immediately leave their house when Mrs. Wakefield sees Jessica rummaging through her closet, leaving the Wakefield parents worried that their daughters have been kidnapped by a crazy lady dressed in Mrs. Wakefield's clothes. They never seem worried enough, which is the weirdest part (and amazingly, the most unbelievable part of the entire book). Even when it's obvious that Steven knows something is up, they don't press him, but trust that he knows the twins are safe. Hello? Parenting priorities, Ned and Alice? You won't let them go to a party, but fine if they've run away or been kidnapped? Can we be freaking out some more, please?

Okay, okay, moving on. Because the twins are soooo greeeaaat, they manage to not only secure temp jobs right away (like that day right away), Jessica becomes lead designer of a clothing company (they love her doodles for a tween line, which of course she knows all about because she's so fashion forward as a Unicorn) and Elizabeth pitches tons of great stories for a new series of books (they're all about the twins' madcap adventures, of course!). Hahaha, omg, this is how their lives ALWAYS are.

So that's pretty much everything (I mean, whatever, they become kids again, all is well). Except that I need to tell you to read Sweet Valley Confidential. And tell me how sad it is that these sweet, happy girls become jaded (Elizabeth, though she has her happy ending too) and married to a total drip (Jessica). Also, I'm sorry, I have to say this, and **SPOILER**, Steven is not gay. He just isn't. Okay, that's it.

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