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The Making of a Consciousness Leader in Business by Mariana Bozesan
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Jan 14, 2012

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Mariana Bozesan's doctoral dissertation explores how 16 highly successful business executives experienced major shifts in consciousness that transformed them from driven achievers into "consciousness leaders", humanitarians leaders focused on sustainable wealth creation. Bozesan uses Ken Wilber's integral theory, AQAL (All Quadrant All Level) model of the development of consciousness, as the map of the territory of development of her subjects. She tells the stories of transformation of each of the 8 men and 8 women, and introduces "common topics" or characteristics of conscious, post-conventional leadership. Bozesan uses criteria from one of the most respected assessments of stages of consciousness, the Cook-Greuter assessment, to assess each profiled person's stage of development. Finally, she uses the framework of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces to put their stories and stages of development in the context of the phases of the hero's journey.

I happened upon this work through a Conscious Capitalism Institute discussion group. I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity and quality of the writing and the intelligent and cogent way complex material was organized and presented. There are many helpful maps of the territory of the development of consciousness - Maslow, Beck, Wilber, Kegan, Hall and others. Bozesan's thesis makes an important contribution by making this terrain visible and comprehensible, and suggests that it is possible to intentionally develop more consciousness leaders. The content is 5 stars, but the book is in dissertation format with many academic diagrams.

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