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The Time of Singing by Elizabeth Chadwick
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Jan 14, 2012

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Read from March 04 to 10, 2012

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Jemidar This one was also released as For the Kings Favour.

Anna Yeah, I was reading a few reviews earlier, and got myself a bit confused, thinking there was an extra book in the series somewhere. Have to say, FTKF sounds a better title than TTOS!

message 3: by Jemidar (last edited Jan 14, 2012 02:04PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jemidar Obviously the US publishers thought so too. It's also got a better cover :-).

ETA: That cover always makes me think that it should've been called The Time of Sewing. LOL.

Anna I agree, the bluey/purple cover is far nicer.

You know all about medieval times as far back as this; I'll have to pick your brain when I read any more Elizabeth Chadwick books. I'm fine from the mid 1400's onward, but anytime before, it's all a bit of a muddle! I roughly know the monarchs, but am clueless about all the main players of those reigns, which these books seem to deal with. I'll give you a shout when I'm next in a medieval mess!

message 5: by Jemidar (last edited Jan 14, 2012 02:26PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jemidar No worries, although King John isn't one of my better time periods.

Actually, I haven't read this one or To Defy a King, so we can buddy read them if you like. Loved Lady of the English :-).

Rio (Lynne) Jemidar wrote: "Obviously the US publishers thought so too. It's also got a better cover :-).

ETA: That cover always makes me think that it should've been called The Time of Sewing. LOL."

That's funny!

Jemidar :-).

message 8: by Anna (last edited Jan 15, 2012 05:12AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna Haha, just spotted your edit from yesterday about the cover, you're so right!

I'd be up for a buddy read. I need to get my head around Henry I, Matilda, Stephen, Henry II/Eleanor of A, Richard I and John first; if I'm happy with the basics, I'll be able to get more into the other main players. I need to do some homework!

Jemidar Cool. When were you thinking of reading them? I have them slotted in for sometime this year, but hadn't narrowed it down any further than that. LOL.

message 10: by Anna (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna I've just ordered TTOS. Let me get my head sorted for this era, and then I can go whenever you want, either sooner or later.

message 11: by Jemidar (last edited Jan 15, 2012 05:48AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jemidar Okay, quick rundown:

There was William the Conqueror (everyone knows about 1066!) then there was his son William Rufus who died in a very mysterious hunting 'accident' and his brother Henry I seized the throne before his other brother could.

Henry I in turn had only two legitimate children (but had something like 20 illegitimate ones!) and his son and heir drowned when the White Ship sank leaving just his daughter Matilda/Maude who Henry insisted on making his heir even though no-one was happy about it.

So when Henry died his nephew Stephen usurped the throne (with the backing of the barons) and when Matilda (The Lady of the English) tried to claim her heritage it caused a civil war or anarchy as it was called (When Christ and his Saints Slept).

The civil war ended when Stephen finally agreed to make Henry II (Matilda's son) his heir. Henry had by this time married Eleanor of Aquitane and they had four sons. Henry (who died young), Geoffrey, Richard and John (The Devils Brood). Geoffrey died before Henry did so that left Richard and John to become kings. Which they did. However, Richard didn't last long as he was very keen on Crusading.

King John is mostly famous as the bad king in Robin Hood. Not sure about the RH thing, but he certainly pissed off all the Barons and so Magna Carta came into being. When he died, his weak son came to the throne (Henry III) and Simon de Montford led a rebellion against him. After Henry came Edward I (Hammer of he Scots) of Braveheart fame.

See...easy, peasy :-).

Rio (Lynne) The good thing about this book is Chadwick makes it easy to follow. I also keep the wiki-pedia close though for references and pics.

message 13: by Anna (last edited Jan 15, 2012 08:31AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna Aww J, bless ya for writing up all that, mwah! I've just spent ages over on Wiki trying to place everyone; if only I'd logged in here first, I'd have saved myself so much time with your perfect laymans guide to all things proper olde worlde!

I've read When Christ and His Saints Slept, but as it was my first wander into this era, I found it way too detailed and got all bogged down and bamboozled. Although I've since read The Scarlet Lion, I've never been that keen to go much deeper.....until now!

I'm feeling all fired up to go medieval! Having read one Chadwick book, I know she does things in fairly easy chunks, so hopefully she'll be my way in to the 12th century.

Hi Rio(Lynne), thanks for your input :-) Wiki's invaluable for filling in gaps and getting more details, isn't it? However did we manage without it!

Jemidar I spend a lot of time on Wikipedia!

message 15: by Anna (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna J, my copy of TTOS has arrived, so I'm ready to go whenever you are, be it next week, next month or next year! Just give me a shout.....

Jemidar Cool.

I've already got a couple of commitments for Feb, so we can slot it in tentatively for March if you like :-).

I've only read one other book in the series and that was The Scarlet Lion so I really need to go back and readThe Greatest Knight and A Place Beyond Courage at some stage.

message 17: by Anna (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna March is good :-)

I've also only read The Scarlet Lion. Now I've decided to go forward in this age, I'll save going backwards for later; I want to master one medieval era before I tackle another!

Jemidar Anna wrote: "I've also only read The Scarlet Lion."

Twins! LOL.

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