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The 100-Year-Old Secret by Tracy Barrett
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Jan 14, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: giving-up, children-s-book

Maybe I am to old for this book... or maybe my expectations were to high for this book to begin with just because this book included Sherlock Holmes but I was rolling my eyes a lot while I was reading this book. In my opinion, the kids don't sound like kids at all, except for when they got on each others nerves. They sound like they are grown because of how they can talk there ways into everything they want to by just making a smile or dimples, please. Not to mention that the adults in this book were about as helpful as a square wheel. What the hell! They just do or answer whatever the kids ask. I also find it surprising that if my dad knew about the Sherlock group I would not ask him questions or at least help convince my mom to let me stay up a little to solve the case. Not to mention that I thought that Andrew or whatever his name is, Watson's kid, was going to be more helpful and all he did was be annoying. He basically said, "Sherlock Holmes had a big ego. He wrote all his stories to be famous and not to help catch criminals. Watson helped too but he didn't have a big head. Movies make Holmes look like a hero and Watson look stupid. So I will spend all my time making you look stupid and laugh and be a brat".(Sticks tongue out and stomps away). Then when the case is solved Watson comes back and says "Maybe you're not so stupid, Holmes and Watson were friends, let's you and I be friends too, come to my home for a spot of tea." Please, one star for trying.
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