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The Selection by Kiera Cass
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Jan 27, 2012

bookshelves: won-t-read-on-principle, take-a-chill-pill-dude

I probably would have read this at some point, but I'm not going to read a novel where the author's agent goes around calling the negative reviewers b!tches. And then decide to enlist others to 'quietly' hit like for all the positive reviews. So unprofessional. My apologies to the author if she wasn't involved in this fiasco. (ETA - Whoops. My bad. She's the one the agent is talking to)

Here's the review being attacked:

ETA 1/24: I really hope the agent had nothing to do with another reviewer's review (Sabrina Oceana) being taken down, who also didn't like this book. Manipulating reviews will definitely get me to go against my rule of not one-staring something I haven't read. I will one-star your @ss for this kind of crap. Suck it up and accept the negative review like the rest of us authors do. You're giving us all a bad name.
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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan Stec Okay, so although this is a shame, I will probably tag this one on my "don't read" list.

message 2: by Stormy (new) - added it

Stormy Wow. They have done a lot of damage already before the release. That's crazy. I don't even know if I will read this or not but if I do, I don't want to be cyber attacked for my opinions. :/

message 3: by Stormy (new) - added it

Stormy Shanna wrote: "Wow, really? Was the name calling necessary? I mean, not everybody is going to like everything an author ever writes. At least she was being honest in her review. I don't know if I can even read th..."

I know I really hate unnecessary name calling. It's unprofessional for them but just immature and rude in general. It means to me that they have no respect for their readers and their honest opinions.

message 4: by Devon (new) - added it

Devon Ashley It was completely in poor taste. One bad review is not going to sway the masses, even if it got a lot of likes. Books like Twilight and Fallen are filled with that type of review and it doesn't keep people from reading the book.

This, however, will keep me from reading the book.

message 5: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer I would have read it even with the bad reviews being not everyone has the same taste. After seeing this though I'm taking it off my to-read list.

message 6: by Cass - (new) - added it

Cass -  Words on Paper Wendy's review put me off the book and the series. Sometimes I get so blinded by pretty covers that I ignore the synopsis. Once I finally actually read it, I just wasn't interested.

But the author's reactions put me off any of her future book releases.

message 7: by Donna (new) - added it

Donna I had still planned on reading this after Wendy's review, we don't always feel the same about books after all. BUT after the reprehensible behavior of the author and agent and the way that Wendy was treated quickly changed my mind. I mean Wendy, of all people? She is the one who always makes it a point never to discourage someone else from trying something they might like regardless of her opinion of it. It was mostly the agent who is to blame, BUT the author participated in the convo with her and has not said anything to disagree with her words. Not a smart way to represent your client IMO

message 8: by Debbie (new)

Debbie So wrong, will be taking it off my to read list because of this. We all have opinions and should be free to share them.

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