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Something About You by Julie James
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Apr 18, 16

really liked it
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Read from January 14 to 15, 2012

You know the Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom hasn’t eaten for days and he imagines Jerry looking like a ham? Kind of like that.”

Roarrr ... this book is just SIZZLING and ENTERTAINING and I can kiss it because it's practically one contemporary romance that is managed to get me to finish reading it, without rolling my eyes in disgust. I have been avoiding m/f contemporary romance like a plague for years -- that genre just didn't do it for me anymore, and I was tired with the stories (even from those I considered favorite authors). I practically cut my ties down with it and then I tried to find amusement in other genres (namely m/m romance and urban fantasy). This time though, I feel like I can dip my toes back in, just a bit. Man, did I choose the PERFECT book :).

... This opinion will be long. Beware :)

First, this book is NOT about woman looking for love or planning her wedding or moaning why she is still single in her 30's. THANK GOD!! Instead, Cameron (the heroine) is one independent woman; she's smart, she's strong, she has spine, that's who she is. She is thrown into the story when she becomes a witness to a murder (by accident) that happens right next to her hotel room. Then she finds out that the FBI agent handling the case is her old nemesis (there is a long story on that, and it's not her fault), Agent Jack Pallas (cue me purring like a cat). I love the way that she's not even thinking about seducing sexy Jack ... though when she does, man, Cameron has Jack on her fingers. It's totally refreshing to read heroine like her.

Second, while Jack has that Alpha quality in him, but he's not a typical Neanderthal male, who's so protective that he basically crowds the heroine. Yep, he has scars (physical) but it doesn't make him one of those brooding-emo type of heroes either. He's just, well, more down-to-earth, even if he gets the glowering skill right on (cue me writing Jack Pallas next to "glowering" entry on dictionary). He's not portrayed as one of those loners-without friends-please pity me, as well. In fact, his friendship with his younger partner, Wilkins, is one of the highlights of this book ... along on how easy he takes tease from his partner or other officers about Cameron.

Third, the supporting characters are wonderful too. There's Wilkins (as mentioned), and Collin (Cameron's gay friend, ONE POINT on a gay character on mainstream novel), and Amy (another friend of Cameron), even the officers assigned to keep eyes on Cameron (my Gosh, men can be gossipy too, but then, Cameron is talking about underwear, of course they apt to listen :p). I love how Ms. James don't write 'stereotype' casting on them, for example, Collin might be gay, but he's a sport columnist (instead of a fashionista), and Cameron doesn't cling to 'love and forever', and Jack doesn't have to act 'sensitive and caring' to win the girl.

And there are a lot of highlights that amused the hell out of me, most especially the bachelorette party, where it involves underwear, and oh, gosh, I was chuckling like crazy when I read that part.

The mystery part is weak ... we get to know the culprit as early as Chapter 8 (around 30% on Kindle). But then again, this is not a romantic suspense and more of contemporary romance. So I'm good.

One 'minus' point for Jack as character though? He doesn't know Gable and Colbert, "It Happened One Night"??? That is a disgrace! *grin*. Cameron should teach him about the wonderful world of classic!!
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Edna I hope this one goes much better than the other Julie James novel you tried.

message 2: by Ami (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ami Edna Lyn wrote: "I hope this one goes much better than the other Julie James novel you tried."

Who knows, maybe it does :)

Ceci I think this is a novel that you'll enjoy!!! Very different from Just Sexiest Man Alive!


message 4: by Ami (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ami Ceci wrote: "I think this is a novel that you'll enjoy!!! Very different from Just Sexiest Man Alive! :D"

Listen to you championing this book :). Well, let's see how I end up with it ...

Ceci Didn't I tell you???????? hehehe!! I'm glad that you finally found a good Contemporary Romance... It's hard to find them but when you do, they're the best books! :D:D:D

message 6: by Ami (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ami Yes, I admit this one is good :-)

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