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Ghost in the Wires by Kevin D. Mitnick
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Jan 21, 2012

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This book was an interesting read. As one of the reviewers is quoted as saying on the book's dustjacket, this book is about a time in computer history that can now be viewed as quaint.

In short, this is the story of Kevin Mitnick, a hacker who was tracked down over several years by various law enforcement agencies. I had never heard of Mitnick before this book, probably because my first exposure to this stuff was the movie, "Hackers," which you probably know is absolute crap. (I still love it though. Guilty pleasures!)

Anyway, Mitnick tells the story of how he got into hacking, which started with phone escapades and slowly built over time as he got better and better at obtaining information. In fact, to go back to the movie "Hackers," the whole thing hackers claim to want, as stated in their manifesto, is access to information. Sure, there is the occasional malicious hacker, but I'm sure most hackers would tell you they do not consider themselves to be criminals nor do they consider their actions harmful. Mitnick also views himself in this way, and I would have to agree. Mostly.

The story was enjoyable and exciting. The author and his co-author made efforts to translate the more technical stuff into layman's terms, but I think they failed a lot of the time. As someone who is a little tech-savvy herself, I still found myself skimming the technical explanations because they weren't adequately explained. On the other hand, some of the technical explanations were explained reasonably well, but were boring. Ah well. This is why computer thrillers make better movies than books, I suppose.

If you enjoyed the book/movie "Catch Me if You Can," or otherwise like computer/technology, check this book out. While I could only give this book 3 stars, I certainly don't regret reading it and I found myself eager to finish it.

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