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Fall from Grace by Megan Chance
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This is one of those rare, onces in a year find kind of a book. A book that took me completely back because it was so good and unexpected. I stayed up all night reading it and will be ordering all of her other titles right after this review. It was THAT good.

This is a love story, and not your typical romance with unicorns and rainbows. The hero is a true killer, and the heroine is the worst manipulative liar that I've seen on a Romance novel . To make it more interesting, the heroine remains as deadly as a rattlesnake throughout the whole book (Mr & Mrs Smith). What saved this book from being too ghastly dark is his utterly heartbreaking love and adoration for that evil heroine, who is sadly, his sole saving grace.

It was at times painful to read such devotion coming from a hero when you knew as a reader that the heroine didnt love him.... I dont think I've ever come across a romance novel with a heroine this cold or stoic. And yet, I can't say I disliked her because I ended up fully understanding her, the reasons why and how she was, I think most of us would have been as damaged if we went through what she had to just to survive.

I felt such glorious happiness when it all ended well . This story is what unconditional love is really all about...

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FeliciaKaren darn it :))) really hated the heroine.I rated 3 stars.only for The hero..I read in order to enjoy a book and escape from the everyday stress.hah … it left me very depressed..

Tina I loved this book because the plot was so unique but I will admit I also hated/despised the heroine.

And from what I understand, most all of this author's books will depress you lol. This is why I've only read 2 so far, I'm pacing myself. :D

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