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Beyond Molasses Creek by Nicole A. Seitz
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Jan 14, 2012

really liked it
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This book was completely unexpected in what I thought it would be like. I was expecting something like one of the many romance books I've picked up in the review program, not that they are bad, but they are all the same to some extent. Beyond Molasses Creek is more an exploration between relationships between people, and how their culture affects that. I think it's trying to attempt a deeper point.
The romance that is in the story is very unique. It's very rare I read stories where interracial relationships are featured, and I liked how the author chose to show how 60s molded that relationship to the way it was. I've always found that era interesting. The only thing that seemed obvious to me was what appeared to be a reference to The Graduate. Mrs. Robinson, a character in the book uses the same name as the main character in the movie, and they are listening to Simon and Garfunkel, who was a part of the soundtrack.
I felt I was always rushing through the girl in India story though. I wanted to hurry and see what Ally was doing, and how she was handling her current situation with the death of her father, and her remaining feelings for Vessey. Of course all the stories are needed in the book because they build up for a monumental moment. Also, the lead character, Ally, is definitely the character I was asking for after my last complaint about lead Christian character's being too perfect. She has her past like most people do, and she's weaving through those consequences to still live. It's a much more relatable story.
I found myself rushing through this book, and thought it was an enjoyable to read. I may have felt a slight disconnect from the characters, but that didn't affect my feelings of the story. It builds up the pace, and intensity well.

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