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Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jan 13, 2012

it was amazing
Read in January, 2012

Rated 4.5/5

Summary: This is the story of Kade, one of the newer additions to the Order. Kade became one of the breed warriors several books earlier, during a time in which Lucan was recruiting additonal manpower for the Order.

Far away from the Order’s compound in Boston, Alexandra Maguire lives in the normally quiet town of Harmony, Alaska. Her job as bush pilot takes her to the most remote communities within the Alaskan wilderness. During a supply run for one of these remote areas, she discovers that an entire family has been brutally murdered. As local law enforcement begins to investigate the killings, Alex is reminded of the brutal killings she witnessed as a child that sent her running to Alaska in the first place.

When a video of the crime scene shows up online, Kade is sent back to his home state of Alaska to investigate the situation. He is deeply concerned that his brother may be responsible for the slaughter, but we readers know that it is actually the escaped Breed Ancient who killed the family. Kade’s fear about his brother’s bloodlust keeps him from seeing other possibilities right away, but eventually he becomes aware of both the Ancient and the presence of a Dragos crew near this small Alaskan town.

Throughout the investigation, Kade and Alex are continuously finding themselves together. Kade learns quickly that Alex is a breedmate, and it doesn’t take long for the couple to develop feelings for each other. The only question remaining – can Alex let go of her fear of him and his species?

Review: I found this to be another great installment in the Midnight Breed series. I wasn’t sure if I would be as enthralled with Kade’s story, primarily because he was not one of the original warriors that I’ve already come to love. However, I think that Lara Adrian’s decision to set Kade’s story in his home state of Alaska is what made his book work so well. If this book had been set in Boston near the Order’s headquarters, some of the other warriors may have overshadowed Kade. But, by putting Kade in a world of his own, he truly became the hero.

To add to the genious of this story, we finally have the oportunity to see the world from the POV of the last surviving Ancient. Wow. In spite of the Ancient’s murderous nature, he wasn’t as evil a creature as I expected. I actually felt compassion and pity toward the old vampire, which I never would have thought possible. While I understand why the other Ancients were all killed, I wound up thinking that Dragos was far more evil than his ancestor.

The only thing keeping this book from a 5-cup rating was the lack of presence from the Order throughout the story. I absolutely think it was the right decision to set this story far away from Boston, but I really would have liked to know what was going on at the compound at the same time. Kade’s story led to some fantastic progress in the war on Dragos, but the warriors in Boston didn’t seem to be doing anything at all until they eventually joined Kade.

I continue to be impressed by Lara Adrian’s consistantly well-developed and well-written Midnight Breed series. I’ve got to hurry up and finish reading the published books before the newest installement, Darker After Midnight, is released on January 24th. The new book will finally be Sterling Chase’s story, and I can’t wait to read it!


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