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I didn't really want to write a review for this one, because there are plenty of other reviews that are pretty much what I would say as well, BUT, I loved this book a lot.

I suggest you read the free prequel, which is actually really good! I think it's best to read it after you've read maybe a chapter or two of Cinder first, so you can get an idea of who's who - that's what I did, although I hadn't planned it that way.

This book is a retelling of Cinderella, which is easy to see, and there is a twist that is made extremely obvious in the beginning. You will think that Meyer doesn't know how to foreshadow properly, but I'm positive she did it on purpose. Although, even knowing the twist so early on, it shouldn't ruin your enjoyment of the book at all. I think it just makes you want to read faster so you can see how it will all play out.

I am incredibly pleased when I find Asian characters featured prominently in a fantasy book; because you just don't see them that often. And Prince Kaito? Absolutely dreamy. I have a weak spot for hot Asian men, and oh boy, does he fill that role well. His and Cinder's banter is awesome too; no insta-love here. We get a nice, slow build-up of a realistic relationship forming, and the tension between them is palpable.

I love the setting also, a futuristic "New" Beijing, and I could really see the world she created clearly in my mind. I know I've got a good book in my hands when I can envision it like it's a movie in my head.

Cinder is a strong female character, without being annoying or stupid. She's smart, head-strong, but also has a great sense of her vulnerability and worth. I love her. Her robot friend, Iko, is also adorable and hilarious. She had some of the best lines in the book.

The villains are not just one-dimensional either; I empathized with Cinder's "evil" stepmother at one point and I could see her side of things. I love that everything wasn't just all black and white, I mean, it is clear who the "bad guys" are, but it's not so cut-and-dry. I'm excited to learn more about the Lunars as well - moon people! How can you not want to know more about them?

Not that there aren't a hundred other books for me to read, but as soon as the sequel to this one is out I plan on snatching it up. There is a cliffhanger ending, but it's not a gut-wrenching one, it just makes you want more of the story, and is that really a bad thing? There are so many awful young adult books being churned out these days that it's gotten tough to find the good ones. This, my friends, is one of those good ones. If you love fairy tale retellings, Asian culture, or just a really good story about a cyborg who only wants to be a normal teenage girl, give this one a chance. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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02/02/2012 page 0
0.0% "A few days late but I'm finally starting! I did find out that this author used to write Sailor Moon fan fiction and this series is the "Lunar Chronicles" ... hmm. Also, this takes place in "New Beijing" and all of the Asian people have become an amalgamation to create the "Eastern Commonwealth." Trying to keep an open mind though ..." 2 comments
02/02/2012 page 6
2.0% "Helllooo Prince Kaito. Nice to meet you, with your copper-brown eyes and black hair." 4 comments
02/03/2012 page 44
11.0% "Um, yeah. I'm pretty sure I know the "twist" now too. I don't think she's trying to hide it though." 2 comments
02/07/2012 page 63
16.0% ""I'm so sorry," said Cinder. "I love her too."
Adri squeezed the frame. "Don't insult me," she said, sliding the frame closer to her. "Do your kind even know what love is? Can you feel anything at all, or is it just ... programmed?""
02/07/2012 page 67
17.0% ""You can't force me to be a test subject."
"Yes," said Adri, her own breathing labored. "I can. So long as you are under my guardianship."
"You don't really think this will save Peony, so don't pretend this is about her. She has days. The chances of them finding a cure before—"
"Then my only mistake was in waiting too long to be rid of you. Believe me, Cinder. You are a sacrifice I will never regret."" 2 comments
02/07/2012 page 164
42.0% ""E-excuse me?"
Kai cleared his throat. Stood straighter. "I assume you are going to the ball?"
"I-I don't know. I mean, no. No, I'm sorry, I'm not going to the ball."
Kai drew back, confused. "Oh. Well ... but ... maybe you would change your mind? Because I am, you know."
"The prince."
"Not bragging," he said quickly. "Just a fact."

!!! Lol. Too funny.

02/07/2012 page 184
47.0% "Oh man, the Lunar queen is going to be trouble. And she needs to stay the hell away from the Prince. :<"
02/07/2012 page 194
50.0% ""Maybe her programming was overwhelmed by Prince Kai's uncanny hotness."
Cinder flinched. "Can we please not talk about the prince?"
"I don't think that will be possible. You're working on his android, after all. Just think about the things she knows, the things she's seen and—" Iko's voice sputtered. "Do you think she's seen him in the nude?"
"You're not helping."
"I'm just making conversation."" 5 comments
02/07/2012 page 224
57.0% ""I think you should go to the ball with me."
"Stars," she muttered. "Didn't you already ask me that?"
"I'm hoping for a more favorable answer this time. And I seem to be getting more desperate by the minute."
"How charming."
Kai's lip twitched. "Please?"
"Why not?"
"I mean, why me?"
"So if my escape hover breaks down, I'll have someone on hand to fix it?"

Ha. Cute.

02/07/2012 page 225
58.0% "Kai was still standing in elevator B, one hand propping open the door.
Her nerves were frazzled, and all the emotions of the past hour were converging into a single, sickening feeling—exasperation. The hall was filled with doctors, nurses, androids, officials, technicians, and they all fell into an awkward hush and stared at the prince and the girl in the baggy cargo pants he was flirting with.
02/08/2012 page 280
72.0% "Cinder really needs a fairy godmother now. : ("
02/08/2012 page 291
75.0% ""Here, I brought you something."
Cinder dropped the screwdriver with a clatter. "What's that for?"
A flash of hurt crossed his face. "What? I can't buy you a gift?" he asked, in a tone that nearly stopped the electric pulses in her wiring.
"No. Not after I've ignored six of your comms in the last week. Are you dense?"

Heh. I love banter like this and the believable relationship that's formed.

02/09/2012 page 338
87.0% "It was not her fault he had liked her.
It was not her fault she was cyborg.
She would not apologize.

Hell yeah, Cinder.

02/09/2012 page 343
88.0% "Her fingertips tentatively curled around the hair at the back of his neck, and she found that she was shaking, sure he would push her away at any moment. But he didn't. He did not pull away. Did not grimace.
His lips parted, just barely, and Cinder wondered if maybe she wasn't the only one having trouble breathing."
02/09/2012 page 370
95.0% "Before any of this had happened—she was just a mechanic, and he was the prince with all the charms she pretended to be immune to. And he was there, before her, while she tottered on a single foot and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart. How she could barely meet his gaze. How he leaned forward, forced her to see him, smiled.
That moment. That smile.
Again and again and again.


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The Holy Terror Cool! I figure we can keep discussion on this review.

There are 38 chapters, so there's no easy way to divide things. You want to try to aim to read about 6 chapters a day?

SubterraneanCatalyst I would have..except I just checked Amazon and they are charging $9.99 for a Kindle version, Hell NO. lol

Brandi I didn't realize it was a $10 one either, lol. I betta like it! I'm about to start right now. It's 8pm, but better late than never. So we read the 6 chapters and then come discuss, or do we keep opinions to ourselves? Wow, I laughed out loud at that, haha!!!

SubterraneanCatalyst LOL Brandi- I will purchase a book at that price for my Kindle. It's just hard for me to do if it's something I just don't know if I'll like - 4 stars worth of liking you know? If it was a series or author I already knew I'd be happy to do it.

Brandi I feel the same. I get bent out of shape when I see the prices above like 8, or maybe 9 bucks, lol. When I bought Aftertime I was so very pissed because it was such a shitty book (imo obviously) and only worth $.99--tops. So I'm really hoping I like Cinder. :)

SubterraneanCatalyst Brandi wrote: "I feel the same. I get bent out of shape when I see the prices above like 8, or maybe 9 bucks, lol. When I bought Aftertime I was so very pissed because it was such a shitty book (imo obviously) ..."

You just reminded me of the joys of finding a book for around under $5 that rocks! I'm such a damned woman- because- since it's at such a low price- it actually boosts my afterglow HAHAHA. I'm like..this was awesome AND IT WAS UNDER FIVE AWW YEAH.

And no- I don't do coupons IRL, so this is the only way I can have a facsimile from those strange few that can do glorious shopping and purchase 20 baskets of crap for $2. I'm not a mega shopper- I'm a horrible spendthrift.

Brandi I started this new medicine today that is making me uber sleepy. I'm three chapters into but I'm having trouble connecting. Why is the 'e' at the end of their names so shadowy?

The Holy Terror Hey, sorry, I've had a cold the last few days and I came home from work early and slept all afternoon. I'm also on the west coast so I'll probably always read later than you guys. I plan on starting later tonight.

Brandi I fell asleep at chapter 3, lol. I'll catch up today though. I hope it picks up for me because so far I'm not really involved. I kept having to reread paragraphs all night.

The Holy Terror Well, it is Cinderella, no? I figured it would be following that storyline so it wouldn't be all that surprising.

The Holy Terror FREEBIRD wrote: "No, there's a "twist", but it's easy to spot from a mile away and has nothing to do with the Cinderella plot. If it was Cinderella, I wouldn't be as annoyed LOL!"

Ah, ok.

I'm sorry guys. Worse. buddy-read. ever. I did not expect to get such a horrible cold. And then I had to trek to three different appointments today and I'm just worn out. I took tomorrow off though so I'm going to catch up and read the 18 chapters I should have already ... (why does that make me feel like I'm back in school? Ha, I was such the procrastinator.)

But, it makes me feel better that it looks like you both are lagging behind as well ... I hope it's not because the books sucks though, ultimately. I'd feel really bad because I took it out from the library : (

Brandi Hope you feel better soon THT.

And I felt like it was an assignment too, haha. I passed out with my Kindle in my hands, and then just stayed up to read up to twelve so I wouldn't be so far behind, lol.

Very obvious eh. At first I was like, what the hell did I miss?! Because I can be kind of blind to hints when I read sometimes, but then I get to the part where Kai just talked to the Lunar chick, and I'm like, AH...well that's NOT obvious at all! Good grief.

I'm not sure how I feel about it at this point. I'm not so engaged that I want to keep reading, but I'm really hoping it's because I've been off my game too, and not because I wasted $10 on another shitty book. :/

Brandi Right?! I was going to come back downstairs and post some of my questions too, but I had already been in bed the first time I came down and was too lazy to do it again, lol.

What do they look like? I might have missed that because I was drugged up for the first 2 chapters, but I can't picture them beyond assuming they're Asian. And since I don't know what they look like everyone ends up looking like me by default, haha! What was life like before the plague? If she was adopted then what did her records say about her parents? How did it go from (view spoiler)

Yeah, the sudden interest in the heir was laughable, lol.

Brandi :D I forgot to add how (view spoiler) Subtle no?

Brandi FREEBIRD wrote: "Brandi, what chapter is that? I am on chapter nineteen and haven't read anything that hinted or maybe I missed it? Share? LOL!"

This was just my realization from chapter twelve. :) (view spoiler) I've got to go catch up and its a quarter to 1 am here, lol.

Brandi My attention is not being held. --->Sad face.

message 17: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen Oh hay, I just read and reviewed this. Very interested in seeing more opinions. (Found you through Cillian Beyond Birthday, btw.)

Brandi FREEBIRD wrote: "I think I will substantially like this book more if they explain more about the Lunars. Seriously, wtf?"

Ditto. Well, to a point lol. The author did do a great job of making me hate the step mom though!!

message 19: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen FREEBIRD wrote: "I think I will substantially like this book more if they explain more about the Lunars. Seriously, wtf?"

I complained a bit about the Lunars not being explained in my review, but I was much more irritated about them leaving out the history behind cyborgs being treated so poorly.

Brandi I didn't read the prequel, but I think even with her anger about having another kid she acts like an absolute cunt about it all. I don't get how Peony loves her either with the way that Cinder has been treated, and made to be the second class one in the family. (view spoiler)

I had the same questions about the Lunars! Plus, what was the deal with the mirrors and chit?! And how ugly is the queen going to end up being, lolol. (view spoiler)

message 21: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen FREEBIRD wrote: "I think the cyborg thing I can understand more because people tend to shun what is different. It seems logical to me that cyborgs would be second class citizens."

I can understand regular people treating cyborgs like dirt, but not all the gov't laws (view spoiler). What exactly makes a cyborg less than human that they felt the need to put those extra protections in place?

As for the Lunars: (view spoiler)I totally agree that it would have been nice to know where they came from

Brandi I had wondered about the whole cyborgs-are-horrible-freaks theme though. Why was so much money spent on these people to save them (or whatever it is that makes them suddenly cyborg...I'm not very in the know about cyborgs...could have used some answers there too, lol), but why put all that high tech crap and all that energy into someone if they are only to become good for only death-by-science?

message 23: by Jen (last edited Feb 03, 2012 01:22PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen Brandi wrote: "why put all that high tech crap and all that energy into someone if they are only to become good for only death-by-science?"

And the lack of explanation for that is why a star got knocked off my review. Cinder being treated poorly because she's a cyborg is one of her biggest conflicts to overcome, and we're left with questions like THAT and no real explanations.

At least we got an explanation for that cyborg draft, even though I hate that the gov't was ok with it being implemented in the first place because for some reason they think cyborgs aren't really people.

Brandi But see I think that we aren't really getting any of that explained since I want to know why the government was ok with it since those people are walking investments. There are just all these little things that really get under my skin here. Some inconsistencies that I will come back and write down since I still didn't go get my Kindle, lol, and I suffer from horrible laziness. Well, my mister had surgery today and I'm busy running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but I really do get lazy when it comes to getting that thing...its all the way UPSTAIRS for cryin out loud!

Brandi Ok, got my Kindle now. :)

Here comes some gripes.

(view spoiler)

message 26: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen FREEBIRD wrote: "BUT she doesn't remember anything before she was eleven. So, she's unreliable in that aspect.

Totally agree with the others."

I have a comment but absolutely don't read it before you are done. I will say I agree with FREEBIRD this time.

(view spoiler)

My apologies for not knowing names or being able to spell any names I do know. I listened to the audiobook, so I can't go back for reference, and they don't tell you how things are spelled. :)

Brandi Oh I know Freebird, that's why I was wondering if it was supposed to be like a red herring or something....

Good call Jen! I'm about to go read up the chapters for today, and then I think I'm going to dig into the third Furnace novel I've been sitting on!!! *Is excited!*

message 28: by Brandi (last edited Feb 03, 2012 07:33PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Brandi THT how's it going for you on this so far? Feeling any better?

Brandi So, how STUPID was Cinder about not playing along with the protesters?! How hard would that have been?! Stupid girl.

Brandi Yeah, but she had already been warned, and warned good, about not being around the queen and how her special issue would give her away and I think she should have been prepared to play along, or at least NOT gone there since Kai had already told her to comm him anyway. I just wanted to punch her in the face. Then especially when she gripes about how the queen wants to murder her for no reason. It was when she was seeing the doctor right afterward....all I could do was hope that he would smack her.

Brandi I see what you're saying, and agree in a way. I just think she should have been smarter about going since she was told not to, and should have made a plan for herself in case she ran into the queen. Like I expected to read her say something about how she would watch the other people to see how they acted and then copy them as best she can and hope she wasn't found out...not being the only one in a mob who moved, haha. I s'pose what's annoying me more here is that she knowingly endangered herself and made zero plans as to how she could help herself. ynwim?

Brandi (view spoiler)

Brandi FREEBIRD wrote: "[spoilers removed]"

Oh, hahaha, yeah that does make better sense, haha!! Thanks! :D

The Holy Terror FREEBIRD wrote: "THT, are you liking this?"

I am!

(What little I've read so far ...)

The Holy Terror Wow. I had a completely different reading experience. Interesting.

Brandi The Holy Terror wrote: "Wow. I had a completely different reading experience. Interesting."

Right?! Man.

message 37: by Bry (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bry I have had this on my kindle since the day it came out and just haven't had a chance to read it. MUST READ IT! Glad you loved it. I have been reading her fan fiction for years, and have been waiting for this series for so long.

The Holy Terror Oh, the Sailor Moon fanfic? I will say that besides the whole "Lunar Queen" thing, nothing fanfictiony shows in the story. It's a great debut book and it doesn't even read like it's her first. I hope you enjoy it too!

Kagama-the Literaturevixen I am planning to read this next month.Already spent my monthly bookbudget. Fairytales seems to the new big thing though. Have you read "A long long sleep" by Anna Sheehan? Its also sci-fi retelling of Sleeping beauty. A bit sad at times and the ending isnt your ordinary happily ever after...more bittersweet.

message 40: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen Yeah, I didn't even realize she wrote fanfic. Lots of stories have moon people, and Sailor Moon certainly doesn't have an evil mind-controlling queen. :)

Lyndz I am glad that you liked this one too. I was also really surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Great review.

Brandi What happened to Freebird, do you know?

The Holy Terror Brandi wrote: "What happened to Freebird, do you know?"

She deleted her account ... but we all harassed her and she rejoined :D

She is now jypsyjulia ... you're already friends with her.

Brandi The Holy Terror wrote: "Brandi wrote: "What happened to Freebird, do you know?"

She deleted her account ... but we all harassed her and she rejoined :D

She is now jypsyjulia ... you're already friends with her."

Pffft, I just busted up at that. Good to know, thanks, lol!

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon The artwork on the site is gorgeous. The paperback comes with the short story, so I'm gonna skip ahead to that and then come back to the rest of the back.

Channing Awesome! Thanks for the link to the prequel!! :)

Ronyell Awesome review Holy!!! I loved the Asian setting also!

Taylor If you think this book is so great, (and you don't seem to have any problem with it) why did you only rate it 4 stars? Just curious

The Holy Terror Taylor wrote: "If you think this book is so great, (and you don't seem to have any problem with it) why did you only rate it 4 stars? Just curious "

4 stars = really liked it

I don't see the problem?

Taylor I just thought that if you thought it was really amazing that it would be 5. I don't have a problem I was just curious. For the record, I didn't want anyone to take this the wrong way, it was only out of pure curiosity. My friend is the same way, she almost absolutely refuses to rate anything 5 stars just because she never thought that there was a perfect book. So I know what it's like. Please don't take this the wrong way, and I would like to follow you if that's ok.

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