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Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien
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Jan 12, 12

Read on January 12, 2012

By: Robert C. O’Brien
Published in 1973
Science Fiction

This story takes place in a hill near Ogdentown. This hill is the last hill to contain any life because in the story everything was bombed. There were only 2 people alive left in the whole world after this bombing and one of them is the great hero Ann Burden. She thought she was the only life force left, until one man showed up and nearly killed her. She faced many problems in trying to hide from him. For example she hid in caves and was forced to survive in the wilderness. Ann was very brave and it paid off in the end!
The theme was to be careful of who to trust. For example when she first saw this man she stayed low and tried to see his habits. Secondly, when she trusted the stranger too much he turned on her and forced her into hiding. Finally, because of trusting him she was forced to try to kill him which haunted her day and night. So as you see the theme was very clear.
This book targeted all teenagers and taught them a valuable lesson. Trusting in strangers is not the best course to take, and this book truly outlines that. The author’s writing style is very is very suspenseful, for example when Ann said “I am living in the cave again, and I’m glad now that I never told Mr. Loomis.” This quote is showing Ann in a cave as she tries to escape Mr. Loomis or the stranger, and it’s very suspenseful because you don’t know what she’s going to do next. In comparison to Black Beauty this book is amazing. In my opinion this book is one of the greatest of all time. It has such great suspense and will keep you reading. I totally recommend this book to all. It’s a great book with an outstanding setting.
This book’s theme truly compared so much to me. For example I can never trust anyone until I truly know them. I always remember to never trust anyone, and for this reason this book was so interesting. After reading this book I’m again reminded to not trust any strangers. But the theme wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed. I liked the suspense in the book so greatly. It kept me reading even though reading isn’t my favorite thing to do in my free time. The way this book was worded was just great. I will say again and again this one of the best books that I’ve ever read, and I truly recommend it!


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